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Easiest grind for Strutures

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    Easiest grind for Strutures

    This is what I found to be the easiest grind for Structures

    CL05 - CL10: craft ~53 (any) Resource Survey Tools (use generic crafting tools)
    CL10 - CL18: craft ~28 Wind Power Generators (use structure and furniture tools)
    CL18 - CL42: craft ~175 Crafting Stations
    CL42 - CL86: craft ~325 Fountains
    CL86 - CL90: craft ~50 Gungan Head Statues

    To do this full grind you need approximately

    110,000 Intrusive Ore
    40,000 Steel
    40,000 Water
    10,000 Crystalline Gemstone
    3000 Aluminum

    To do this grind you will need both a generic crafting tool as well as a
    structures and furniture crafting tool.

    Also if you have any of the Buddy Program Cybernetic Experience chips I
    would use those as well.

    If you have not done this yet you can find some one and target them and
    type /refer to get these can only be done once to get these experience chips
    make sure you do this one the character which you are leveling your structures
    trader as they are No Trade Shared for permissions.

    Also remember if you are new to the server to type in /claimvet and /getv
    and /getb to get some other goodies as well to help you get started.

    Enjoy and have fun,
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    You can do it with half of those resources here atm


      whatever Decria that was the information that I found and that I went with.