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    Unbanning Undesirable

    Alright hear me out, yes the Zabrak Xaos Kun is a hot potato issue to deal with he rubs people the wrong way and I am in no way advocating for overlooking his past behaviour however the ''Gazelle flee's the lion'' ''PVP lessons 25mil'' trash talk tag lines that he spews to enrage those he takes down in PVP I believe do not equal life time bans. keep in mind this is all i have been privvy to seeing. Even when he dm'd me it was still PG rated and at no point could i not escape said interactions if i chose.

    Like him or not (believe me he was an ass to me aswell) I believe he has an almost Psychotic adherence to this games PVP and its community even if it is a Little antagonistic and you can't deny that he hasn't helped expand this games influence through his many YouTube video's and interactions with some of the top players over the years.
    Every person I have talked to wants this guy dead and I am certain the second he were to get unbanned he would most likely come looking for my head too but I am good with that. Why? because I know he's going to tear ass around restuss popping people on a Spy and annoying both factions and helping keep restuss a dangerous place.

    Look I get it he's done bad things I'm asking we give him one last shot I'll even do what I can to keep him PG rated. I have my own machinations for a neutral guild that will assault whatever faction is looking to cross that line and I think giving him the task of spear-heading such an endeavour will give him a drive and focus he lacked elsewhere I mean this really would be the last chance he'd get I can't imagine he would risk ban again but I have a lot of faith in people maybe too much.

    My fondest memories of Star wars galaxies was being Overt and my heart racing because there was some legit idiot out there looking for my head and the rush of popping that person and overcoming them and KNOWING they are out of their seats mad destroying their keyboard really can't be felt in other games because the community is so condensed and everyone truly knows everyone to have some slack jawed moron calling you out and then having them dead at your feet is a lovely feeling. I'd like you to unban a truly unifying villian and give the community that drive and aggression again to get out there and comb the Galaxy to get even with this guy.
    If he falls back into his old ways you can ban him again....And ban me too BECAUSE unlike some individuals I push my chips all in when I believe in something I want discord and restuss on fire again (so long as it remains civil). So if I have to be some kind of moderator with a gun to my head I'll do it I think he'll drastically improve PVP and with the recent updates that came in do it fairly quick and I am willing to risk my own accounts safety to help in swaying public opinion.

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      Let's see... how can I put this politely... No. He was banned for good reason on Vision of Hope. Staff have all agreed to never unban him, going as far back as the founding of this project and back on VoH. I don't see that changing, and I certainly don't see his conduct changing, so there is no reason to unban him. Additionally, I feel it's fair to mention that he was banned on Legends three times. After the second, he was stupidly given another chance, then banned again for repeating the same bad conduct. It seems, some people do not learn from their mistakes.
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        He was given multiple chances , he was given a fresh start then started acting up again and going personal even after told to quit it. me and nitro both voted him yes , he had the best chance to start all over and he blew he took his tag back big mistake , he started in on the personal stuff , he started with crap ingame too.

        he can never act like an adult. he always has to resort to geting personal and blows up when he gets caught.

        its not happening again. 3rd time now nitro and i both backed him up and hes done the same thing. he got his self in this had he not resorted to acting like a kid infront of hundreds in discord and attacking multiple people for hours....he'd been fine.

        as he was told drop the djo bullcrap and play normal like the rest of us.


          At this point he's been given all the chances he is going to get. The damage he's done to every project he's been on takes months or more to undo. His behavior is reprehensible at best and until that stops most servers are going to keep him banned. It's all on him at this point. I will side with the community every time. So it's a resounding no from me.


            He has been perma-banned on EVERY server he ever played on to include Live. There is a reason for this. He is toxic. He chooses to be that way. He has never once even attempted to learn from his mistakes. I say good riddance. I just hope there's a way to block someone by their MAC address.