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Darkness Rising....

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    Darkness Rising....

    "Come my friend. Let us talk about your future." Prince Xizor says calmly to the man in the shadows. "This business with the Imperials losing their death star and the apparent rise of this rebellion has given us an excellent opportunity for increased revenue. The Hutt on Tatooine refuses to allow us into his network, and those bleeding hearts on Corellia are too much of a problem to face off against right now. However, Naboo is weak and vulnerable. The Emperor holds it dear to his black sith heart and we can use that to our advantage."

    The man in the shadows takes a long draw on his deathstick and says quietly, "What would you have me do?"

    Xizor smiles evilly and gazes out the window over the city. "Take a select number of your most trusted allies. Build an outpost on Naboo. Expand it, organize our interest there into a positive financial gain and the rewards for you will be great. Use your influences and connections to infiltrate both of these factions, gain information on weaknesses within them that we can use. I want you to establish a dominant presence on Naboo under the guise of a simple run of the mill city. We will supply you with the materials and personnel to extend our network throughout the region."

    The man drops the deathstick and straps his helmet on. "I'll leave at once. I already have a crew in mind to begin the operation. The Black Sun Consortium will be a power to deal with on Naboo."

    Xizor nods and smiles confidently at his companion. "I look forward to your success."