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Things worth knowing as a new player here

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    Things worth knowing as a new player here

    New players:

    Prophecy has the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game. To claim your free monthly pack (x5 packs which contain 15 cards each) /getb

    To view a complete list of loot cards or learn more about the game I'd recommend:

    Galactic Hunters is the new TCG pack added to the server and therefore currently has the most valuable loot cards. The vendor for this is located inside Jabba's throne room and is standing right in front of Jabba. His name is Dengar. -5962, -6262 Tatooine .

    Squadrons Over Corellia has the more valuable loot cards than the Champions of The Force pack, I know several people that have gotten some of the more valuable TCG loot cards and traded them for gear or sold them for a decent amount of credits to help them get started!

    The TCG cost 3 mill per pack of cards and the 2 vendors are located at:

    -270, -4721 Coronet, Corellia - his name is Acog Flyingwave and he is in the basement of the guild hall where the pilot trainer is.

    -6809, 5519 Abandoned Rebel Base, Dantooine - his name is Amek Tawa and he is in the first room to your right as you enter the building.

    SWG: Prophecy also has the Rare Loot System:

    SWG: Prophecy also has the option to instantly level a character to level 90, in order to do this you need to go to a force shrine, kneel, target the shrine and open the radial menu either by right clicking or using "~" and selecting the option to level up.

    I recommend using the force shrine outside of Mos Eisley at 5958 -5685 to get your instant level 90 since new characters start in Mos Eisley. Full list of force shrines is listed here:

    The server also allows each person to level 1 other character to level 50, in order to do this target another player, type "/refer" hit the enter button then your character will be made level 50. You will also be given some experience chips to help you level faster.

    Some people will pay you to target them and type /refer because they get the tokens to for the collections to get the light bending barc speeder and the light bending podracer. Post in trade chat on the server's discord and there is usually a few people that will be happy to pay for this.

    What I did with this was lvl an officer to 90 and a medic to lvl 50 that way I could start my own afk lvling group and not have to try to get into somebody else's group (use Frosche Bunker outside of Kor Vella on Corellia, it is close to the Kor Vella shuttle) to afk lvl your characters. Sometimes there are afk leveling groups already in the bunker, they usually have auto-invite macros and you can ask for groups in the "lfg" channel on the server's discord.

    The vet reward system here is also pretty unique, you get 1 reward token for each day you are logged into the server (2 each day when they do double token events!), these do accumulate also so if you do not claim them for 8 days then you will get 8 of them when you do claim them.

    To claim your vet reward tokens type /getvet, you spend these tokens at the vet reward vendor in the back room of the Mos Eisley Cantina. If you are looking to make credits from your vet rewards I would recommend the free resource crate, they sell quickly at 2.5million credits. Sometimes people are looking for specific vet rewards and you might be able to make more profit from your tokens, ask in trade chat on discord. The /getv command recharges EVERY 24 hours.

    Prophecy also gives an extra 30 minute bonus to medic buffs if they are done inside of a medical center making for a 2 hour total time on medic buffs, yay!

    To find a set of armor (which is pretty cheap on this server) go to a bazaar and make sure you search vendors in the entire galaxy, go to misc > wearable containers and search for "armor" there should be bags containing full suits of armor which you can start wearing at lvl 22.

    For starter weapons a lot of the weaponsmiths have cheap lvl 90 weapons for sale or some vendors sell the looted Legendary weapons that are lvl 88 requirement, the legendary weapons are obviously not as good as crafted weapons but you can pick them up cheap.

    We also have 3 new heroic sets for beast masters here! These sets are easier to get here than most servers because heroic instances here give 2 tokens per instance per run!!

    Biologist?s 5 Piece (Crafting)
    Destruction 5 Piece (DPS)
    Reflection 5 Piece (Tank)

    Entertainers also have some new buffs for beast masters to help with crafting!

    The SWG: Prophecy launcher also has a great tool called the "Resource Manager" it shows you all of the resources that are currently in spawn and what their stats are! Also if you go into the settings for resource manager (top right of the window) you can select for it to show "exhausted resources" which are resources that have spawned in the past but that you are no longer able to harvest.

    Rare houses:
    Tree House - Found off NK Necrosis
    YT house - T6 Pirates in ORD
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    Thanks for this post there.
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      Here at SWG: Prophecy we also allow 1 free Ace pilot per account.


        Good info!

        About the YT-1300 house schematic, I can confirm that they do drop from things other than T6+ ships in Ord. I got one shortly after starting here 2ish months ago. That one came from a Black Sun capital ship from a duty mission in Endor. I *think* it was a Tier 7 Black Sun duty from the space station, but it might have been Tier 5 -- I didn't know what dropped them at the time and wasn't trying for one, so I didn't make too much note of it. And then just a couple days ago I got a 2nd one, this time from a Tier 4 Black Sun YT-1300 while working on Tier 4 duties (also in Endor space from the station) for the Black Sun slayer collection / gunship.

        For leveling combat characters from 50 (or start) to 90, something that I didn't know was that mission terminal missions give "COMPNOR" bonus xp for some number of missions per day. I had trouble finding groups for AFK leveling (partially because I'm in an unusual timezone, SE Asia), so my progress was slow until I figured that out. If you want to do ATK leveling, running the 30 (I think?) mission terminal missions per day and getting the bonus xp was WAY faster for me than trying to deal with the Legacy quest (which I personally hate).


          My first rare loot chest dropped on Tansarii Station. A nice way to start.
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