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Launcher won't run on windows 7 computer

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    Launcher won't run on windows 7 computer

    Greetings folks!

    My wife and I both have forums accounts and an approved multiple account for Prophecy.

    Prophecy does run on my Windows 10 computer.

    I copied the Prophecy files from my computer to a flash drive, and then copied from the flash
    drive onto my wife's Windows 7 computer ... without any problems. HOWEVER ( heh there always
    is a "However", it seems ) ... when I run the Prophecy launcher on her Win 7 computer, it stops
    with a message that the launcher is not a valid Win 32 application.

    Any ideas out there folks on how to fix this one?

    Thanks mucho!


    My recommendation would be to delete the launcher and try installing it on the win 7 computer again. I would also double check to ensure that the correct java version per the install link is also on that win 7 machine.


      Is it a 32 bit or 64 bit system?


        Hi Chavex and adorkdarkfly her computer is running windows 7 professional 64 bit


          Delete the launcher. If you look at the file size, its 0 bytes.

          If it is greater than 0 bytes, then right click on it and choose properties, look for an option at the bottom that says unblock.


            I have tried all the above ideas with no luck.?* So, I decided on using her computer and downloading the game files ... however ...
            everytime I attempt to do this, the installation system sends me to ORACLE and apparantly to install Java JDX 11 ...
            Going there ( to Oracle ) ... it asks for a login or register for a new acount?*?* .... it then says it is sending a verification email to my email ... the verification never appears.
            I assume to somehow setup an Oracle account and download JDX 11 ... once that is done, then the PROPHECY Patcher will run?

            If all else fails, I will use something other than my YAHOO email ( I understand some applications don't get along with YAHOO )

            I appreciate your attention and time ... I will keep working on the wife's computer on this?*?*?*?* eventually it will be resolved.



              Hi catu, so for the java it is NOT your email.. I completely understand your frustration.

              try downloading the 12.0.2 found at this link and install it.

              this version does not require the login. however it does require a 64 bit operating system