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Friday Feature: Grinding

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    Friday Feature: Grinding

    Hello Everyone,

    Its that time again for another Friday Feature. This week i am going to try to explain grinding, both for loot and for leveling.
    As i am sure many of you know that some of our AFK rules have changed. Rest assured we didn't leave you without options. There are new spawns as well as a few tricks that you may or may not have thought of.
    The “Grind” , what does this even mean? Well, it is the chore of trying to make credits,leveling up toons,pets or just trying to get good loot items. We have all done it or need to do it, its part of the game, and the struggle is real. Whether you are a Jedi in search of Holocrons or a trader trying to reach level 90 to make great things, at some point you are going to have to grind.
    Yes as of right now Legacy Quest area are off limits for AFK grinding but we have put alternatives in place. Three new junk loot spawns have been added.

    Moenia : in front of the Cantina
    Dearic : right next to the Starport
    Nashal :in the city itself
    All of the spawns are very easy to find and have very fast respawn rates making them a great place to grind for junk loot. They are credit droppers also, you can make a decent amount of credits parking on any of these spawns.

    POI’S (points of interest) are also limited at this time. Current allowance is limited to 2 toons per account on any of the poi’s with the exceptions being Frosche Bunker and the Dantari Villages as both of these are regularly used leveling areas be it for pets or toons. Now with that said there are actually much better and faster ways of grinding for statt’ed loot,items and or credits.
    1st: Make some friends. This is a social game get with a group and go crazy killing everything that gets in your path. Soon your packs will be overflowing with loot and riches.
    2nd: On Prophecy you have the unique ability to have ALL 5 of your toons running at the same time. Group them all together and run through any area you like ATK and you would be amazed how much and how fast you can make credits and get loot. Some simple macro’s will make your life a lot easier in being a one man army.

    I know what people are thinking “oh i can't be ATK all the time, I need to AFK” I get it and completely understand, which is why we put alternatives in place. And in regards to Night Sisters for example, You can get a lot of loot ATK with a group running around for a short time. You are also still allowed to AFK just with 2 toons from your account. The idea is to not have one person demolishing or monopolizing an entire POI. It's just not very friendly to other players and our population is growing, we want everyone to have fun and a great game.

    Altho change can be frustrating it can also help make for a fun long lasting server. And just like everything else, all things are “work in progress” and we will always do our very best to try to help you have a great game.

    Thank You for reading and look forward to more Friday Features


    You may also pad your group with droids and entertainer holos. The entertainer needs to be group leader to call their holos (expertise). They can then change lead back to the combat character. This helps with getting larger spawns for farming holos, creature resources, etc. The droids, entertainer and holos may be off planet. They are just there to pad the group.
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      I'd love to see more of those spawns with fast respawn rates and credits/junk droppers. In Pre-CU there are lots all around outside Coronet. Could probably easily add some of those here. As the server grows, we will need more than 3 of these types of spawns.


        Something that players that mostly did Pre-CU or CU eras of live SWG might not know: If you run any mission from mission terms, you get bonus xp upon completion of the mission, up to some number of missions per day. I didn't know about that, and was having a hard time figuring out how to grind a toon from the CL50 /refer point up to 90. But here, with bonus xp and seemingly a bonus to the number of missions you can run per day, it went very fast. Before that I was trying the Legacy Quest, which I absolutely HATE.

        From level 50ish to 80ish took slightly over 1 day doing missions from the terms. Each mission was pretty close to a full single level up with bonus xp, and I think I could run 30-35 of them in a single day here with the "COMPNOR" bonus xp. So that's 25-30 levels in 1 day of running missions for an hour+. The xp is reduced from level 80 to 90, but still a good 50-60% of a full level per mission, so I got that in the 2nd day of running missions.

        With regards to the prohibition on grinding Legacy Quest areas, how about grinding for specific collection loot? I'm looking to get the "Techniques in Maximizing Space" collection done so I can get the item to expand the inventory limit in a house, but the only place I could find specifically mentioned on the internet that drops that loot is a Legacy Quest bunker on Corellia. Likely there are other options, but I don't know them. In the meantime, I'm macroing away in 1 room there, which I don't THINK would prevent anyone from completing the mission there if they are doing the Legacy Quest. And I'll be out as soon as I get all the bits of the collection (or am told of a better place to grind for them).