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Return of the Galactic Home Show (October)

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    Community Event - Return of the Galactic Home Show (October)

    Welcome all to the Galactic Homeshow!

    Here is your chance to show off your feng shui! Once a month we will pick one home to be spotlighted in the Galactic Homeshow.

    To be eligible for entry, simply reply with a waypoint to your home and planet.

    At the end of October, a group of staff will judge the potential candidates and reward the top 3 finalists.

    The finalists will receive a special Galactic Homeshow Picture to display in their home.
    As a reminder, please ensure all entered structures are public!

    Best of Luck to you all!

    Entries will be closed on October 25th - at 3pm EDT.

    I'm placing Opou's house in for the Galactic Homeshow. It's located on Dantooine at -1583, 11, 5137.


      Placing my mall/research center in the bag,

      /wp dant 1375 -6043 (Arwin Aero) - Guild hall located right outside Pirates Outpost on Dant