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Game Hotfix: 4.1.4

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    Game Hotfix: 4.1.4

    Greetings Prophecies:

    Vengeance will go offline on March 4th, 2018 @ 10:00PM CST for Game Hotfix: 4.1.4. The expected downtime is 60 minutes.

    The complete patch notes are available below:

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where Mutation Chance was not being calculated correctly.
    • Fixed issue where the Endor Imperial Tier 7 duty mission was not working.
    • Fixed system message showing %TT when transferring structures.
    • Fixed ship interior alarms still going after station repair. (Fixing individual components is still broken at this time)

    Quality of Life
    • Increased mutation chance cap from 30 to 50.

    With our last RAM upgrade, we were able to keep the server online for over 1 week without a crash. We plan on conducting a CPU upgrade in the near future, which will help reduce any in-game lag players may encounter.

    Due to the increase of players, we have also optimized the way the server reads the game files. This will allow the server to read data quicker and more efficiently, resulting in better performance and reduced server load times.

    May the Force be With You.

    ~ SWG: Prophecy Team
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    Thank you


      woot woot