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Game Hotfix: 4.2.1

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    Game Hotfix: 4.2.1

    Greetings Prophecies:

    Vengeance will go offline for maintenance @ 2:00AM CST on April 7th, 2019 to implement Game Hotfix: 4.2.1 and minor server configuration changes. The expected downtime is 90 minutes.

    Dr. Fool has infiltrated his way onto the server. Beware of his broken toys and failed experiments, they are on the loose and very dangerous.

    The resource harvester extraction bonus has come to an end, but the experience bonus will still be active.

    Patch Notes:

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with players not being able to get past a section of the Looking for Clues Quarantine Zone quest.
    • Fixed issues with a few space station conversations, including Nova Orion and Rebel Outpost.
    • Fixed issue with Ponda Gungan Statue not appearing.
    • Fixed issue with some crafted infiltrator armor pieces not having sockets.

    Quality of Life
    • Miscellaneous Aurilian Updates
      • Removed class restrictions on heroic token vendor items.
        • Ten new vendor NPCs have been introduced for each class.
        • The original heroic token vendor has been moved to the new trinket shop location.
        • Dageerin is no longer conversable and no longer sells items.
      • The 2-1B medical droid in the old trinket shop is now fully functional and can cure cloning sickness.
      • The heroic account pre-quest completer NPC has had his appearance updated.
      • Players no longer have to go to the IG-88 instance in order to gain Aurilian travel access.

    Be sure to patch your client via the launcher.

    May the Force be with You!
    ~ SWG: Prophecy Staff
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    Very NiceĀ*