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Game Hotfix: 4.2.5

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    Game Hotfix: 4.2.5

    Greetings Prophecies:

    Vengeance will go offline @ 10:00PM CST on May 5th, 2019 to implement Game Hotfix: 4.2.5. The expected downtime is 60 minutes.

    Patch Notes:

    There has been a mysterious, unmarked grave located near the Kashyyyk starport. The Imperial military has grown interest to this for some reason, and is preparing to mark off the area from Wookiee villagers and citizen travelers. It is best to go there yourself before the Empire do.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where the heroic prequest NPC completed quests, but did not enable players for heroics (if you have already used it, your character will be auto-fixed upon login).
    • Fixed issue where pilots would get stuck in their ship sometimes when using Home Port or attempting to board ISD.
    • Fixed issue where the Restuss Commendation bonus did not affect Restuss Commendation payout from quests.
    • Fixed issue where the TCG Merr-Son Jetpack items did not show if they were previously combined when examined.
    • Fixed issue where the Mutant Acklay mutation was impossible to obtain.

    Please remember to patch your client using the launcher.

    May the Force be with You!

    ~ SWG: Prophecy Staff
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    Great work as always. Thanks for your efforts