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Game Hotfix: 4.2.9

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    Game Hotfix: 4.2.9

    Greetings Prophecy:

    The Vengeance server will go offline in preparation for Game Hotfix: 4.2.9 on June 30th, 2019 at 10:00PM CDT. The expected downtime is 90 minutes. The patch notes are provided below.

    Re-enabled Empire Day on Vengeance

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Empire Day Imperial and Rebel kiosks from not spawning.
    • Fixed Captain Derlin quests and conversations for Empire Day.
    • Fixed Mara Jade missing conversation for Empire Day.
    • Fixed Rieekan conversation for Remembrance Day.
    • Fixed Empire day quest schematics class requirements from Structures to Novice Artisan.
    • Fixed broken spawns at the Rebel Hideout for Remembrance Day.
    • Fixed the Yoda Fountain & Emperor Statue not granting presents to players.
    • Fixed Wedge Antilles conversation for Remembrance Day.
    • Fix for space ships not clearing DoTs when repairing at a station.

    Please be sure to exit your client and patch it through the launcher before you head back into game!
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