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    Operations Address - Unexpected Server Downtime

    Greetings Prophecies:

    As you may have noticed, there was a server issue that caused hours of downtime. We would like to address that in this post:

    At around 1:05AM CST, the server went offline unexpectedly. A member of staff attempted to restart the server, but was not able to connect to the host.

    At around around 6:30AM CST, an admin was available to look into what was happening, and that was when we discovered that we received an email at 1:02AM CST, which said our server was suspended due to an overdue payment, without any warning. We immediately checked our payment history and discovered that we did indeed pay for the service, and there were no unpaid or overdue payments.

    At 6:45AM CST, we submitted a high-priority ticket, providing our invoice and payment number, requesting our service to be un-suspended. We received a response at 6:50AM CST explaining that nothing can be done until normal business hours. Therefore we waited until around 12:40PM CST, and eventually called their phone support. That is when they realized the mistake their system made, and un-suspended the server right away.

    We want to thank everyone for their patience while we dealt with this issue!

    May the Force Be With You
    ~ The Prophecy Staff