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Happy One Year Anniversary Prophecy!

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    Community Address - Happy One Year Anniversary Prophecy!

    We at the staff would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support of this project. We hope you are enjoying the One Year Anniversary Bash so far. This is our way of saying Thank You. If you haven't had the opportunity to log in yet you are missing out on some great opportunities such as:

    Vengeance Outpost

    Added a new outpost to Endor which houses some new vendors & operates as our live event location! You can get the Prophecy Anniversary gift from one of these vendors, 1 per account and will grant you 2 custom paintings and 500 Veteran tokens to spend on the new vendors!
    • New Heroic Vendor
    • New Mustafar reward vendors
    • New Publish vendor (Maximum 5 items per account per item)
    • The following mustafar instances now grant Mustafar Reward Tokens*when completing. Droid Factory 1 & 2, Kubaza Beetle Cave, Droid Army, Sher-Kar, HK-47.
    • Added Krayt Dragon DNA which has a very small chance of dropping from All Krayt Dragons.
    • The new Krayt Dragon pets have a custom skill list unlike any other pet before "similar" to the kimogila but with a twist!
    • Added 2 new custom paintings.
    • Default heroic tokens is now 4X
    • Default harvest bonus is now 2.5X
    • Due to the 1 year anniversary all rates are significantly increased!

    Live events will be conducted throughout the anniversary, with something for everyone. Stay tuned for more info!

    And More to Come......

    Again, Thank you for supporting us here at Prophecy, we couldn't have come this far without you!
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