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Multiple account guidelines.

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    Community Address - Multiple account guidelines.

    At this time SWG: Prophecy only allows 1 account per household. Those found in violation will have the unauthorized account locked out until a request has been submitted and the original account will be infracted possibly jeopardizing the 2nd account.

    Additional Accounts for multiple players in the same household (on the same IP) will have to be requested and approved through the following guidelines:
    • Submit a Ticket by Posting a New Thread in community multiple account support service.
    • Make sure that you answer each and every question that the ticket or CSR asks, with as detailed information as possible.
    • For identification purposes, please provide a SINGLE picture featuring the right or left hands of ALL account holders WITH FORUM HANDLES CLEAR AND LEGIBLE, WRITTEN ON THE PAPER NOT VIA MS Paint OR ANY OTHER PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE. We need to see that there is one individual hand per account requested. Easy methods for picture uploads are to use imgur or photobucket, just post the link in your thread.
    Account audits are performed at random by CSR Staff. SWG Prophecy reserves the right to revoke multiple account authorization as a case by case basis if a TOS or EULA violation has occurred. Unauthorized accounts are a TOS violation as a reminder.
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