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The Empires Finest (TEF) Imperial PvP Guild

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    The Empires Finest (TEF) Imperial PvP Guild

    Welcome to the thread. The Empires Finest is a Imperial PvP focused guild formerly (RPD) Chilastra players. we are actively recruiting limited spots.

    List of things we do in order.

    1: Player vs Player Combat: We are mostly people who enjoy world pvp and will be sf most the time.

    2: Heroics: We run a full set of 5 within 2-3 hours sometimes squeeze in hoth.

    3: Questing: We actively run stuff such as questing or prequest or doing unlocks or helping our members out.

    4: Random Undead or misc runs such as hoth junk loot runs , or mustafarian unlocks , heroic pre-quest.

    5: Crafting: we have a few active crafters two of which are the servers main weaponsmiths and armorsmiths. and Chef. we also have others who craft ship parts , BM Mutations, Tailors.

    6: Active Hoth Runs we run them are own way flawlessly.

    7: Battlefields and farmfields

    8:Active testing bugs and try to help out as much as we can.

    Our Requirements for joining
    We run a 2-4 week trial period which we see how you are with the guild , how active , how you play , how our members react. if your not a fit then you are not a fit. this is nothing against you but we try to have a family/knit kit group. do note we joke around a lot in vent so please have a sense of humor and be-able to take a joke.

    Active Daily
    Ventrilo 4.0.2
    Have Support classes for PvP (Medic , Officer , Commando , BH , Smuggler ) are the main classes of support roles.

    Our Leadership

    GM:Nitro Discord:Nitro#8237
    Co-GM:Erotica Discord:Kitty#8113
    Officer:Kimap Discord:Ambernicole25 aka sundra#8706
    Officer:Alondo Discord:Alondo#8425
    Officer:Dredge Ingame only
    Officer:Jayceus Discord:Jayceus#6809
    Officer:Zresk Discord:Zresk#4924
    Officer:Xerrios Discord:Exilos#4460
    Officer:Ipro Discord:Ipro#2054
    Officer:Sydjo(MIA) Discord:MIA

    Feel free to reach out to us.

    Some other info

    We also play other games such as (Battlefield 5 , Rust , EA-Battlefront2 )
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    Bump that TEF will be open for recruitment. Please no "main" or "only play" Jedi... We strive to be a support class group. Jedi and spy are fine but we also jump on support classes for pvp. Small scale pvp is great for jedi and spy, But we will be seeking more medics/commando/officers/bh/smugglers.
    Husband of Erotica <3


      We are looking for more players now, again as stated up, We looking for players that can play different classes.
      Husband of Erotica <3