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    Pirates Cove on Dantooine Rp PVE RPVP Buff House

    Pirates Cove The City concept

    Today, 05:10 PM
    Greetings I am Steven Sabaac the original Founder Pirates Cove on Dantooine. Some of you coming to the server will Know of Pirates Cove on Legends and Rogue guild led now by Archele Syn. The guild and city was started and built by me over two years ago and then overtaken in my absence while i dealt with severe Family issues pertaining to my daughter.

    This Guild is not the Rogue Guild that is currently on Legends nor is it the same city their by laws are vastly different than the original guild and city.

    Here are some of the major differences.

    You do not have to be a member of Rogue Guild to live in Pirates Cove but non guild members will be limited to 1 building per account for residence
    Wookiees live in Pirates Cove Trandoshan rpers will not be allowed residance we are pro Wookiee we cannot quarentee your safety Thank all the Slavers for this.
    Imperial player citizens may not be overt in Pirates cove and Imperial allowance will be limited to the following
    a} being Imperial to gain ace of ace then switching back to rebel or nuetral
    b) having an Imperial character to get overloads for ship abilities

    This in no way means we dislike Imperial players we will be looking at other Imperial guilds to send imperial players too so they can enjoy a city as well
    We are an RP city respect for roleplayers is expected as well roleplayers are expected to respect non roleplayers
    We are an Rpvp rebel alligned town /duel is the way we end serious disputes. This was employed years ago to squash god gaming. People are just less likely to run their mouth if they have to duel in the dueling pit.
    JEDI this is important please read carefully

    Jedi in Pirates cove are LIGHTSIDERS . Darksiders and grey are viewed the same way by the Jedi in Pirates Cove they are both darksiders. ( there is a story hitch behind this it is not a personal vendetta) Using the darkside is using the darkside. If this is your intent with your jedi in rp this is not the guild or city for you. We will be happy to help you find someone or even help you get one set up that does accomodate these character classes.
    The presence of Jedi is to remain secret The topic of Jedi and the Force should be spoken behind closed doors not openly in the cantinas and venues
    Accepted Jedi character types Guardian,Consular,Sentinel,Shadow, Agricorp, Singing Mountain Clan, White Current Followers

    Wookiees we will be building a subguild of warrior wookiees who bounty hunt ,Slavers Imperials and Darkjedi

    Slave traders are prohibitted we offer shelter and refuge to Slaves and a swift death to slavers

    We love Traders we will have an entire setup for traders to hawk their wares along a strip of shore line in pirates Cove with easy access to the shuttleport.
    Pirates Cove

    The main theme of the city is a Pirate Port filled with Smugglers Sell Swords and Traders
    /Duel is how we end serious disputes this being said if you challenge someone and their buddy wants to help them you have to duel them both. Welcome to a Pirate town (wink)
    We hope to see some of you join us and help us build this project as well we hope to help others build their rp projects here on Prophecy.
    Imperials who come to Pirates Cove should keep in mind it is Dantooine it is like the wild west and the hills are littered with shallow graves of Imperial officers who thought flashing a badge in a Pirate port would get them respect . The same with Rebels although we are Rebel sympathetic We are not ran by nor do we answer to the Alliance. There will be safe havens for rebels here but just like Jedi it's a bad idea to talk openly about such Bounty hunters do hang out here. Commerce and trade are encouraged as well as buffers who are not afk. We are looking to promote Rp and interaction not absentness we welcome entertainers and buffers who wish to participate and have already started venues to acomodate you by way of the Shady Lady cantina. a Smuggler cantina themed Mall and Buff house. Catering to the rping adventurer


    No Bounty Hunting within City limits. Violators will be denied access to all shops buildings and venues


    Housing is placed by Mayor or militia we have a city concept and basic design

    Housing type will be Naboo style houses which can be uppgraded after 90 days of participation in the city

    TCG HOUSING will be placed in cooperation with mayor or militia to keep within the city theme.

    For more information contact Steven or Admural in game

    We look forward to living the Star Wars Saga with you and hope to see you in game


    Steven Sabaac
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