SWG:Prophecy Install Guide


Part I - Prerequisites


  • Java SE 16
    (For computers that use Windows, download jdk-16.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe)

Part II - Downloading The Installer

Download the SWG Prophecy Patcher by clicking on one of the download options above for your operating system.

Create a new folder somewhere on your computer called SWG Prophecy, and move the Prophecy Patcher from your downloads folder to there.

Make sure to run the patcher as administrator.

Part III - Launching the Launcher

After the Prophecy Patcher has finished downloading the launcher, it should start automatically. If not, simply run the SWG Prophecy Launcher in your SWG Prophecy folder.

You should then see a login screen for you to type your credentials. If you do not see it, move your cursor around the left-side of the launcher, it should then pop-up.

Part IV - Configuring The Launcher & Client

You can access the Options tab, by clicking on the O button at the top right of the launcher. This is where you are able to setup the following options for the Game and Launcher:

  • Disable Cut Scenes
  • Auto-Patch on Startup
  • Auto-Play when Patched
  • Skip Introduction Screens
  • Run Client as Administrator
  • Keep Launcher Open after Play
  • Enable Launcher Sound Effects
  • Change Download Speed

 You'll also be able to do the following:

  • Create Shortcut
  • Optimize
  • Client Setup

 And finally, you'll be able to setup your ILM preferences for your gameplay experience, as follows:

  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Sound Effects
  • User Interface

Once you have setup the options the way you want it, begin patching by clicking the Patch button.

Part V - Patching and Playing

Once you have completed setting your Client and Launcher Setting Configurations, you can click on the Patch Button, which will start the download process for all the Game Files, which will continue until finished.

Once this process is concluded, you will see the Play button light up, and you can click the button, which will launch your client. Once launched, you are good to go to enjoy SWG: Prophecy!

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