GCW Battlefields

1. How to enter the Battlefield Queue
-You may have noticed on the GCW map on Yavin and Endor that there are GCW zones that you can't normally get to. Those are your Battlefields. To access them we first have to enter the queue. You can either type /battle or select battlefields from your command window located under "other".

-Once selected, a new menu will open with each battlefield and how many people are currently in the queue. We will discuss each battlefield later in the guide. Choose which Battlefield you wish to enter.
-Each Battlefield will begin the next stage (Invites) when there are at least 4 players on either side in the queue. (You can have a maximum of 16 players on each side)

2. Battlefield Invitations
-Once the required players are queued on each side, the status of your selected Battlefield will change from "Reviewing Queue" to "Inviting Participants". You will then receive another pop-up menu with the invitation to the actual battlefield. Once all parties have accepted the Invitation, you will then arrive in the actual Battlefield.

3. Battle Engaged
-Once actually inside the battlefield you have a few minutes before the round starts to get your group invites and group buffs up. If you are trying to enter the queue when your battlefield pop up menu says "Battle Engaged" that means that a group is currently on the field and you will not be able to enter until the round is over.

4. Battle Over
-When the round is over, each player no matter if you win or lose will receive Battlefield tokens (the winners get more, so don't be shy) which can be used at vendors to acquire some pretty cool rewards which will be discussed below. To play another round, or a different field, simply enter the queue again.

Battlefield Rewards

Once you have amassed your giant collection of Battlefield tokens, you can redeem them for rewards from factional NPC's.

Rebel Battlefield Vendor: Staff Sergeant Levardio Location: Rori, Rebel Outpost /way 3664 -6427

Imperial Battlefield Vendor: Staff Sergeant Rothax Location: Talus, Imperial Outpost /way -2230 2221
Each Individual Battlefield

General Overview:
While the general idea when PVPing is to kill the opposing faction, battlefields also have another dynamic. All are roughly based on "reinforcements" style gameplay. That is, each team starts out with a certain number of reinforcements. When you kill a member of the opposing team, or accomplish an objective, the opposing team's number of reinforcements goes down. Whichever team reaches zero first loses. Alternately, if time runs out the team with the lowest score loses.

Massassi Island (Yavin IV)
Each team has a set of bases, inside each base is a terminal which must be destroyed. Destroying terminals and killing players will lower the opposing teams number of reinforcements.

Jungle Warfare (Yavin IV)
Similar to Massassi Island, each team has a set of bases, but there is also a main base in the middle of the map which can be flipped numerous times.

Bunker Assault (Endor)
Small map with only one base in the middle on top of a hill which can be flipped numerous times. Each time the base is flipped, the opposing team will lose reinforcements.

Data Runner (Endor)
There are 4 communication towers on the island and "secret data" is randomly sent to one person on any team. That person will then have to deliver the data to a random communication tower. If successful, the opposing faction will lose reinforcements. If not successful, the team trying to deliver the data will lose reinforcements.

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