Elder Robe Guide

First of all visit the Jedi npc at yavin outside mining outpost /waypoint 932 1517 he is between the 3 tree's.

Now when you obtain the right requirements he will whisper to you in chat.
He may not whisper if you respec to a class that is not jedi.

You can revisit him and he may eventually hand you the elder robes.

At the very moment i believe the robes are random? a lot of us saw no option for the light ones..all we saw was a sith option. even when speced into LSJ with stance on. so read carefully.

Master Jedi Cloaks Collection Completed. http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Master_Jedi_Cloaks

25-30 Explore Badges. http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Exploration_badges may be completely random expect to just get all 47 badges.

Required Explore Badges that are a Must: Old Bens House (Aka Obi Wan Kenobi). Jedi Temple Ruins on Dant. Temple of Exar Kun may require a staff members help if imperial.

25-75 Total Badges (May or may not be random but so far most have had 75+ to 125 badges) almost everyone has had every explore badge.

So all in all just go Get all Explore badges including hoth and kash and MJC collection and you are set.

What is not needed that we know.
No Slayers Badges
No Space Badges
No Event Badges
No Player Event Badges
No Server First
No Themeparks
No GCW Badges
No PvP Badges
No Ent
No Trader
No Order 66



Credit To Erotica

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