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Latest Announcements
  Development Roadmap V 2.0
Posted by: Chavex - 05-12-2020, 01:32 PM - Forum: Project Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Prophecy!  Something that was brought up during our last AMA, and something that we have been delinquent on is posting our Development Roadmap.  Where we wanna bring the game to, what we are working on and things of that nature.  Our first Roadmap (V1.0) was close to completion, but we ran into some issues with Atmospheric Flight.  While we are still  working on that as time allows, we didn't want to delay too much with other content/ideas we have.  With that being said, here is what we have in mind:
Game Update 5  Kashyyyk Heroic (Name TBD)
- A whole new heroic which takes place on the Wookie homeworld.  Anticipate a new unlock for the quest, coordinated group movements similar to Tusken King, and a myriad of other dynamics which will not only test the players and offer new rewards, but will be a building block for the development team for future content.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustment
Game Update 6 Hard Mode Heroics
-Heroics (or end game PvE content) in general are fairly easy now once you know the mechanics.  This update is aimed at making not only the content more difficult, but also adjust the rewards as well to be more viable.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustments
Game Update 7 Kashyyyk Revamp
-Kashyyyk has some great story arcs and content on it, but not many people do it due to the way the planet is instanced, and the rewards are for the most part obsolete.  This update aims to correct that.  Loot revamps, mob level increase are just some of the initial plans.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustment
Game Update 8 Weapons Revamp
-We have heard you!  Weapons in general need a thorough cleanup, to make more of them viable, or options for players to use other weapons minus the handful with the best stats.  This will initially be aimed at Kashyyyk content that we are working on, but will also expand into other planets/content/faction weapons/ etc.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustment
**Atmospheric Flight**
-Again, we will still be working to get this usable as time permits, but it was thrown in the game and implemented at the end of live very poorly, so there is a lot of rework required to even begin.
**Bug Fixes/content adjustment**
-You will notice in between each Game Update there are bug fixes/content adjustment.  Not only is that for the Updates themselves, but for us to work on Bug Bashes for existing items.  Intent is as we get each update implemented, the team is working on existing bugs as we develop the new content for the next update.

  May AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Posted by: Chavex - 05-10-2020, 10:35 AM - Forum: Project Announcements - No Replies

Greetings Prophecy!  Time once again for our monthly "Ask Me Anything".  Your chance to ask the staff team... well... anything!  Questions about whats coming next, questions about the game, you name it.  We will be in Discord voice, and in game at Vengeance Outpost on Endor to answer your questions.

The AMA will take place Friday May 15th at 6pm EDT (5pm CDT, 4pm MDT, 3pm PDT, 11pm BST)Hope to see you all there!

  May The 4th
Posted by: Reedux - 05-04-2020, 11:03 AM - Forum: Patch Notes - Replies (4)

Happy May the 4th!
You can find "Nela" in vengeance outpost offering a special gift box to all players.
Please note the may the 4th boxes, you can only select 1 server, the box can then be placed in a house and then your alts on the same account can use that box to claim the title and badge also [Image: da3651e59d6006dfa5fa07ec3102d1f3.svg]
Don't forget to go see the Vote reward vendor also to claim your Mando cape! 
Those that are returning/new or have not yet claimed the Death star rug that is still there to get also!
These bonuses have been also enabled on the server!
2x Chronicler XP
2x Mustafar Tokens
1.5x RLS Chance

Happy Star Wars Day ALL!

  Patch Notes 4.4.5
Posted by: Reedux - 04-25-2020, 10:17 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - Replies (1)

Greetings Prophecy!  Vengeance server will be going down today for Game Hotfix 4.4.5.

Fools Day Event has been deactivated.

A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the launcher and update!

New Players
- Added a server announcement to announce new players created.
Bounty Hunter
- Added a server announcement when a BH kills or looses to their bounty target.
- Fixed the bounty hunter mails you receive when a bounty has been claimed.
- Fixed the Detect Camouflage detection range.
- Increased the Detect Camouflage detection chance.
- Added Return fire to the banned pet buffs.

- Increased the Off The Cuff duration from 10 to 20 seconds.
- Forsake fear now will grant 2000 action and a 5% action cost reduction to all group members, this skill has a 6 min cooldown.
- Increased the detect chance of the Detect Hidden ability.
Beast Master
- Beast will now correctly remove stealth when entering combat.
- Increased the reveal stealth detection rate.
- Hidden dagger bombers and YT's should now count towards the collections.
Quarantine Zone 
- The undead rancor will now reliably update the collection for groups.
Meat Lump Themepark
- Meatlump food poisoning minigame now works correctly.

- Added a server announcement when a player gets killed in pvp.
- Change emperors hand to announce to galaxy not just planet when spawning and killed.
- City invasions will no longer grant double tokens and gcw points.
- City planning tables can now be used as GCW terminals
(You will need to trade your existing tables at the fixer-8 droid in Vengeance Outpost for this to work)
Bug Fixes
- You can now pickup the Nightsister banners.

  New Player Giveaway
Posted by: Chavex - 04-11-2020, 07:30 PM - Forum: Community News - No Replies

Greetings Prophecy!  The new player Giveaway is scheduled for tomorrow April 12th at 4pm EDT (3pm CDT, 2pm MDT, 1pm PDT, and 9pm GMT).  New players that have joined from December to today are eligible to enter into the drawing.  What do you have to do to enter?  I'm glad you asked, just show up to Vengeance Outpost on Endor and be present during the giveaway and you'll automatically be entered.  All items are donated by the community, as a way of welcoming you to the server.  We hope to see you there!

  Galactic Homeshow (April)
Posted by: Chavex - 04-11-2020, 06:26 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (3)

[Image: jqj7oqJ.png]

Greetings Prophecy!  Its that time again, The Galactic Homeshow for April is OPEN!!

Show off your skills with Interior Decorating.  Now is your chance to enter your decorated structure and have the opportunity to win some cool prizes.

This month's Homeshow will be open until 24 April.  Judges will take a look at all entries the following week and announce the winners at the next AMA.

Finalists and Winners will receive a one of a kind painting of their home to display.

Just post the /waypoint to your structure below to be entered.

Best of Luck to you all!

  April AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Posted by: Chavex - 04-08-2020, 06:23 PM - Forum: Project Announcements - No Replies

[Image: IUJoihR.jpg]
Greetings Everyone!  Friday 10 April, 2020 at 6pm EDT (5pm CDT, 4pm MDT, 3pm PDT, 11pm GMT)
We will be hosting our monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything).
Feel free to stop by Vengeance Outpost on Endor and/or hop in Prophecy Discord Voice and chat with the staff team to ask about the state of the server and anything else you want that may be coming up in the future.  Hope to see you all there!

  Patch Notes 4.4.4
Posted by: Reedux - 04-01-2020, 11:30 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - Replies (1)

[Image: p3XqgJF.jpg]
Greetings Prophecy!  Vengeance server will be going down today for Game Hotfix 4.4.4.

 Fools Day Event has been activated.
Fools Day
- Fools day bosses now grant a new badge and title upon killing them
Bug Fixes
- Fixed Devastation attachments due to them now working previously.
- Fixed the shipwright buffs from the crafting terminal.
- Galactic Hunters posters should now have no trade removed by Fixer-8.
- WoD reward trees can now be placed as city decorations (Any trees prior to this fix will need to be traded with a CSR to be placed in a city)
- Jedi cloaks can no longer have the hood changed whilst equipped and will not longer create duplicates when changing the hood.
A client patch is NOT needed for this update so make sure to run the launcher and update!

  Friday Feature: Buffing 101
Posted by: Chavex - 03-20-2020, 01:44 PM - Forum: Community News - No Replies

[Image: klIZiH4.png]
Welcome to another installment of Friday Features.  Today's topic comes to us from Decria and will help get you going in game with some basics on buffing and how to get ready to head out into the Galaxy.  Hope you enjoy!

A basic guide to buffing and being prepared for combat!

So you're new to the server and want to get right to it and start killing things and bringing back all those memories?? Ok that's great but lets take a moment to prepare!! Preparation takes only a few moments but will only increase your enjoyment!!

First off lets look at what buffs are around already that you can access, credit for the link to Player Kitty for the link below

But I am here to go through the basics of being combat ready and where to get these buffs from on Prophecy.

Firstly you'll be seeking the skills of your local entertainer for a buff, now this is considered one of the most important buffs to use.
To find one you might already have your own or be able ask in your guild or in the SWG Prophecy Discord channel assigned to entertainers-medics-buffers section.

Once the ent buff is sorted you'll be wanting to see a medic and obtain the 7 buffs that they have to offer, now thanks to the community there are usually some in the Mos Eisley medical centre and are ready to provide 2 hour long buffs.( SWG Prophecy was the first NGE Project to bring this QOL change) 

To find these Buff Bot that player's have so kindly left out for us, you will need to head to Mos Eisley and head out of the Star Port and at /waypoint 3530 -4762 inside the building there will be a some of fine heroes we mentioned earlier, eager and keen for you to sit in front of them and buff you!

[Image: S7eWqgP.jpg]

So, now you have you Ent and med buffs(shortened down name that most players refer to them as) you will now be looking for the officer to drop you stims, tactical stims and heal stims, both very useful!

Again, you might need to ask in the discord channel if none are available but normally there is someone kind enough to leave one out, in this case we have local Tuskan wannabe Montross dropping those stims!

[Image: DYZLY84.jpg]

Right! so you got your ent buff, seen the medic and got your stims, now you're ready to head off? WRONG!!
Don't forget about any profession buffs that you might have, if you're an officer for example.

You'll also want to be using food or drink buffs,power ups for your shirt/weapon/and armor breastplate if applicable. These items are crafted and bought from vendors and you can search these on he galactic trade network via the bazaar terminal or the trade forums and Discord trade section and provide great boosts to your stats.
Almost ready to go!

The final few things that will aid you in the galaxy and easy to get are the favor of the elders buffs(from your combat tab) and the Mustafarian Injector which is obtained by a Quest:

With the things listed in this feature even the newest of players without high end gear will get the most out of their character and survivability will increase hugely!
These are what most of us veteran players would call the basic's of SWG buffing but there are other things one can do to further increase buffs from items obtained via the Rare loot system, Quests, treasure maps and officer ranks obtained through the galactic civil war,
but this how to be most effective with the least amount of fuss but we will cover that in further editions

So in the meantime as you roam around the Galaxy having endless hours of fun I hope after this brief guide you will be better able to enjoy your experience and have the most fun possible!

  Battle for Theed
Posted by: Chavex - 03-19-2020, 01:02 PM - Forum: Project Announcements - Replies (3)

Greetings Prophecy!

The time has come, tensions are rising on Naboo and the Royal Security Force is expecting a full scale assault on the Capital of Theed.  Martial law has been declared and a planet-wide state of Emergency has been declared. 

Imperial troops are asking for all volunteers to report to Theed Shuttleport A for familiarization training and supply requisitions.

Rebel Insurgents are to report to Theed Shuttleport B in attempt to hold back the Imperial might.

Theed starport and Cantina are designated as "NO FIGHT ZONES" and are available to Entertainers/Medics/Officers etc for buffing your factions.

All available fighters should arrive and group up.  From there you will declare yourself special forces to assist your faction.  Expect heavy resistance from both sides, so be prepared. "High Value Units" will be on site to assist both sides. (Those who wish to participate as "Combatant" may do so as well as there is plenty of assistance needed.  Various collection items will also be hidden throughout Theed (for those who are non combat toons or haven't chosen a side in the Civil War), so come support your side and help decide the fate of Theed!

The Battle of Theed will commence on Saturday 21 March at 3pm EDT (2pm CDT, 1pm MDT, 12pm PDT, 7pm GMT)  Participants will receive a Live Event Badge, and Rebel or Imperial Fighter Badge.


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