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Medic improvement - chlpreacher - 09-08-2021

With the advent of the new entertainer token system, and given the disparity between entertainer buffs and medic buffs (which can now reach 7 hour durations), i'm proposing a build a buff collection for medic. Now granted, medic buffs are done soley afk for the most part, so a system would have to be in place to prevent it being abused or grinded out fast. Possibly (if it can be done) a limit on the collection being triggered for the medic is there is more than say 30 minutes left on a player's current medic buffs. Could also have the requirements for completion be higher than entertainer, maybe 50-60 of each combat profession buffed. I would propose either a 1 or 2 hour medic buff increase upon completion of the new buff collection.