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4.8 Hotfix - demonmana - 10-29-2021

Removed No Trade from the Ent books, existing ones can go to fixer.

The undead Rancor should now be properly granting the collection and Halloween costume once more.

Fixed mounts randomly running off in the QZ.

Fixed the randomly disappearing loot items.

Added additional storage increase deeds to the vet reward vendor.

Fixed issues with the nuna eggs wildflower. It no longer stacks, and if you have a stack of more then 1 you can take it to fixer to get downs tacked.

Removed the holiday NPCs from Restuss cantinas. The npcs did not belong there year around, only real purpose was to protect ents during there Empire day  and were the result of a long standing bug that was being held together by duct tape, hopes and dreams, that caused a few issues on the backend.