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Art for the defunct 1313 - Dajax - 12-10-2019

Art from the 1313 game that never happened.

[Image: GM_Star_Wars_1313_Concept_Art_Kelic_helmet.jpg][Image: star_wars_1313.jpg?itok=ruwbQONf][Image: GM_JetPack_KeyFrame_FINAL-1.jpg]

RE: Art for the defunct 1313 - PioneerSX2 - 12-10-2019

really like 2 and 3.

RE: Art for the defunct 1313 - Erotica - 12-17-2019

Remember too one issue with paintings is sizes Btw. i have added a few including new lifeday ones and one issue people may need to take into account is the Image size as you may need to resize it down and it could fuck it up as SWG uses quite smaller sizes.

i had a few paintings really pretty for lifeday...that sadly even after converting with the fix to the scale..it would break the image. also ran into the issue with the image not showing as seems the way SWG handles paintings is bit more based off how big the original is .