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Friday Feature: Entertainers and the Entertaining things that they may Entertain - Chavex - 03-04-2022

[Image: H61yIjG.jpg]

Greetings Prophecy!  Welcome to our Next installment of the Friday Feature.  This weeks topic will be Entertaining and some of the other things you can do as an Entertainer.

Now, contrary to popular belief, Entertainers don't just have to sit in Eisley and say "Hey Hun".  There are other things to do besides just hand out buffs to players, but buffing is indeed one of the major things that Entertainers or "Ents" are known for.  Lets go into some depth on what they can do.

Entertainer Buffing
Yeah, yeah, I know.  I said they can do other things too, but might as well get the main one out of the way first.  Once you're fully leveled up as and Entertainer, you can set yourself up in your favorite watering hole and either dance or play music (/startd or /startmu respectively) and then players can radial you and select Watch (or Listen if playing music).  If done correctly, you should start to see a timer for that player start to increase in your chat window. Once that player is maxxed on time (usually just shy of 6 hours), they will probably ask you for a buff.  Using the Inspire command, you will then bring up a popup menu that will allow you to build the buff for that player.  I'll put a screenshot in of the window, and each buff is explained in the window, so I don't wanna go too far in the weeds on it, but most players will already know what they want, so you should be able to navigate your way through.  New players who don't know or are leveling, its best to give them and experience (XP) bonus, and some increased protections (energy/kinetic) pending what they are doing, but again that's between you and the player Smile Of note, if you want to maximize your points for buffing, you should invest in the "artiste" tree in your expertise.  Here's that Screenshot of the buff builder window:

[Image: lzic4wE.png]

Image Design
Don't like your hair color?  Wanna change some of your features on your character?  Heck, just want some cool holograms to put over your head?  You need to see an Image Designer.  Most buffing entertainers can do some variation of Image Design, and change aspects of your character without having to delete them and start over.  You can view and approve the changes they work on before you are committed to it, so no worries, and its nothing that can't be changed again.  Ask about holoemotes as well... tee hee.  Here's a screenshot of the Image Design window, and FYI, you have to be in a group with the player that you are trying to design:

[Image: qZ6jx6E.png]

Entertainer Quests
Yup, Entertainers can do stuff and quest as well.  Well, to an extent.  There are a variety of quests specific to entertainers, which albeit are fairly boring and repetetive, but there are some which can help you learn new dances and music, and there are others which can help with the Galactic Civil War (specifically City Invasions).

Combat Entertainer
Yeah, you read that right.  Lets say you've buffed every player in the Galaxy and you're bored.  Wanna try something else.  Bringing sweet music and entertainment isn't enough.  Now you wanna serve some sweet chin music......  Try out the combat entertainer.  Using your expertise, you can invest in the Drama tree and develop some pretty good combat skills (Hello Spiral Kick).  Combining those skills with the appropriate armor and buffs and combat ents can be a fun way to try something new.  Many people have said its very similar to the old Teras Kasi profession from Pre-CU.  I have one and its pretty fun to mess around.

Final Thoughts
There is more to being an entertainer then just sitting in the Cantinas AFK waiting for a DM from a player.  Entertainers can be a full time profession if you want them to be.  We didn't really go into too much depth on the music and dancing, but there are Entertainers who have written extensive macros for full length shows to include grand finales and multiple entertainers can sync together to have a full band or dancing troupe routine. Combine that with some smoke machines and pyro displays and its a great way to bring another level to your game. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me in Discord, of if you see my dancing Wookie out and about on the Cantina Circuit, feel free to shoot him a /tell  Hope to see more of you aspiring entertainers out and about!