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Game Hotfix 4.4.1 - Reedux - 01-21-2020

Greetings Prophecy!  Vengeance server will be going down today for Game Hotfix 4.4.1.
- Duty and vet tokens should now account for the 500 token limit and grant more than 500 tokens.
- Grenz in Nym's castle decided to stop being a nudist.
- Fixed the RLS collections not granting rewards & badges.
- Added "Open Five" & "Open One" Space RLS Collection.
- Nym's Theme Park collection now grants the correct badge
- Removed bugged collection items from space RLS.
- The Kashyyyk imperial station finally fixed their communication array and can now contact players!
- Factorys should now be accessable by any character on the same account as the owner.
A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the launcher and update!

RE: Game Hotfix 4.4.1 - Decria - 01-21-2020


RE: Game Hotfix 4.4.1 - parabolic - 01-21-2020

Nice one!