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February Homeshow Winners! - Chavex - 02-29-2020

Greetings Prophecy!  As discussed last night at the AMA, we had a great month of entries for the February Galactic Homeshow. Judging was VERY difficult to say the least.  Congratulations to all who entered!!  Without further ado, lets see the entries:

Runner Up: Paulie with his Rebel Strategy and Logistics Center
[Image: PXniC8g.jpg]

Runner Up: Moraine with I'las Imperial Dedicatory
[Image: Wy3iGoC.jpg]

Finalist: Recon with the Volusia, Dantooine City Hall 
[Image: SNErEN4.jpg]
[Image: 7OXIKZl.jpg]
[Image: BnaxCIQ.jpg]

Finalist: Sphiynx with his humble abode
[Image: 01tDuZg.jpg]
[Image: Ns7Ad6E.jpg]
[Image: HLFsSFB.jpg]

Winner of the February Galactic Homeshow:  Cazwright with Espo's Guildhall
[Image: ybJP2P2.jpg]
[Image: EmCErBh.jpg]
[Image: U2QCGcJ.jpg]

Again, Congrats to all who entered.  Our Winner and Finalists will each receive a one of a kind painting of their house to be put on display!  Stay tuned for the next installment of the Galactic Homeshow!!