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[1888] Highest Quality Powers and SEA's - Decria - 03-19-2020

Good morning and welcome to [1888] Industries!

For all your power up needs you'll find all you need and more within my vendor located on Lok in the fine city on Farstar /waypoint -937 -1214

Power ups arranged by type!

Im also returning to doing 35s at 250k per attachments and I offer a 24 hour turnaround on all orders

Trader grind kits will be restocked
Light sabers kits including:
5th Gen. 

All come with capped tools and lights aver assembly pup's and food for crafting.

Coming soon!
Currently in the process of kitting out tell jedi temple in Farstar for public crafting of your lightsaber which will include capped station's and the crafting interface terminal! 
Ask around on discord about my service!

At 1888 we have a saying,  buy cheap you buy twice so trust the best.

Have a great day

[Image: MixRPyy.jpg]

RE: [1888] Highest Quality Powers and SEA's - Decria - 06-17-2020