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[email protected] - Reedux - 03-19-2020

We are slightly scaling back our TC server resources and donating all unused server resources we have to the COVID-19 [email protected] Project.

What this project does is allow everyday users to donate unused computer resources to the COVID-19 research and development.

[email protected] tracks all progress and contributions into "teams" if you want to join our team and donate any unused resources on your Computer you can use our team number of "244573" when creating your account.

All information about [email protected] can be found at the link bellow. 

We thank you for understanding and hope we can help make a difference in the world!
[Image: WU9pYDC.png]

RE: [email protected] - Chavex - 03-19-2020

This is a great idea! I'm no doctor, so anything we can do to help sounds like an awesome way to do our part!

RE: [email protected] - Decria - 03-19-2020

Great idea <3