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Galactic Homeshow (April) - Chavex - 04-11-2020

[Image: jqj7oqJ.png]

Greetings Prophecy!  Its that time again, The Galactic Homeshow for April is OPEN!!

Show off your skills with Interior Decorating.  Now is your chance to enter your decorated structure and have the opportunity to win some cool prizes.

This month's Homeshow will be open until 24 April.  Judges will take a look at all entries the following week and announce the winners at the next AMA.

Finalists and Winners will receive a one of a kind painting of their home to display.

Just post the /waypoint to your structure below to be entered.

Best of Luck to you all!

RE: Galactic Homeshow (April) - Recon - 04-11-2020

Oka welcomes you to visit his lair in the city of Volusia on Dantooine. The location is -1387 5339.

RE: Galactic Homeshow (April) - Jayceus - 04-21-2020

I'm entering my hangar "The Bounty Puck Depot" at /wp 6179 5687 located in Imminent Deathblows, Rori. It has a Bounty Hunter contracting office theme, with a space flair to it. Along with a touch of a "Dark Side" secret contact in the scaffolding above. (Make sure you have your particles all the way up, and look up when you first enter!)

RE: Galactic Homeshow (April) - Moraine - 04-23-2020

Discord:  Asuana
Planet:  Dantooine
City:  Volusia
WP:  -1571 5299

You are invited to the grand opening of I'la's Galactic Family Diner.  Please feel free to look around. 

BTW:  You can enter the restroom  Wink