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Galactic Homeshow (June) - Chavex - 06-05-2020

[Image: jqj7oqJ.png]

That time is upon us, The Galactic Homeshow for June is now OPEN!

Simply post a waypoint for your humble abode you wish to enter and you are then entered into the show!  Top three finalists will receive a one of a kind painting of your home to display!  Entries can be made until the 26th of June, with the results being posted the following week.

Also, special for this month, we wanted to have a separate Homeshow for staff members as well.  The catch for this is that you the community will decide who is the best decorator on staff lol  We will post the staff entries in a separate post and you will be able to vote on your favorite there.

RE: Galactic Homeshow (June) - adorkdarkfly - 06-08-2020

Entering my shop as part of the staff Homeshow this month. ~ Dorky Designs ~ /way rori 2862 -1624

RE: Galactic Homeshow (June) - Keichimaru - 06-08-2020

Entering my Hangar for the community home show. Cloudchaser's Aerie, Horizon Dantooine, WP 3867 -6027

RE: Galactic Homeshow (June) - Kratos - 06-23-2020

Entering my guildhall for the staff homeshow. Kratos - Sanctuary, Rori 2992 -1785

RE: Galactic Homeshow (June) - PioneerSX2 - 06-28-2020

Question, how do I vote for staff when we don't have a poll? Also - How do you make polls on these forum? I can't seem to figure it out.

RE: Galactic Homeshow (June) - Recon - 06-29-2020

My vote is for adorkdarkfly. Her shop shows some creativity, and original thinking.