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Friday Feature: Storyteller System - Chavex - 06-12-2020

[Image: klIZiH4.png]
Greetings Prophecy and welcome along to another installment of the Friday Feature!  This installment brought to you by Decria, lets get into it:
In this Friday feature we will be taking a look at the Storyteller system and on how to become a storyteller and make your own ingame stories and delve deeper into the world of Star wars Galaxies!
Anyone can become a storyteller ingame and it isn't expertise or profession driven and all you have to do is seek out the Storyteller Vendor NPC's that are located in NPC theaters around the galaxy,
you can find the vendor in theaters across the galaxy, by being ingame and pressing the V key, but in this case I am using the vendor in Corellia and below is a screenshot of how this vendor looks!
[Image: YnmxguK.jpg]
[Image: 2TOM6rF.jpg]
Of course! Anyone in SWG can become a storyteller and due to the system being very versatile  a storyteller could be for a Trader to help his business grow, a player association might use storyteller props for guild events or a mayor might use the system to help decorate their city and even an ingame player wedding!! 
With such a wide range of tools available you'll never fail to be surprised by what players can come up with with the storyteller system,literally anyone can get involved with using this system for such things as city decorating to full scale events with attackable NPCs( yes thats right attackable npc's!!!)
Now that you have located the storyteller vendor NPC you will want to left click to speak to him, and select what options you desire.
Once you open the vendor up you'll be greeted with different options on which tokens to buy, there are 5 types of tokens each doing something differentTonguerops,Persisted effects, Immediate effects,combat npc's and Flavor npc's.
NOTE: To be creative you'll want to buy a variety of tokens!!
Here's how the tokens look in our inventory!
[Image: WXCZ0VY.jpg]
Tokens are not usable on multi-player ships, in space or instances, in NPC cities, or on the adventure planets. If you are within a player city you will need zoning rights to use your tokens. The mayor of a city, or member of a city's militia, can grant zoning rights by targeting a player and using the /grantzoningrights command. However there is several storyteller tokens that can be used inside player structures.
Once placed, all Storyteller objects and NPCs will last 24 hours. The only exceptions are the purchased Storyteller Vendor, which only lasts an hour, and the Immediate Effects, which disappear immediately after use. Of course if a combat NPC gets killed, it will disappear normally like a normal world NPC. 
There are THREE ways to place a prop, effect or NPC.
-Double-left-click the token in your inventory.
-Open the radial menu of the token in your inventory and choose "Place" (it will be the first option).
[Image: lTRWKVs.jpg]
[Image: YyPKgKu.jpg]
-Drag the token you wish to place to your toolbar and then select it and move your cursor to the area you wish to place it.
Once a prop or NPC has been placed, you can use the "Examine" command from the radial menu to see how much time that object has remaining before it disappears.
[Image: SVIV28u.jpg]
Now combat npc's are what it says on the tin, these are placeable npc's that will provide your storyteller event with a feeling of real ingame action!
These NPCs are different from your normal characters because they can only be attacked by, and will only aggro, players that have accepted an invitation to your story and they come in all types, shapes and sizes! 
You can also set the combat level of the npc's by using radial and select the option you want!
NOTE: To deploy your npc's open up your inventory and Radial the token and select what option you wish to use.
Here we have the persisted effects that are a great and creative way to jazz up your npc!
[Image: uSSKtgp.jpg]
With your desired effect added....
[Image: s1s79N6.jpg]
Once you have placed your tokens you will need to invite other players into your story before they can attack NPCs or interact with certain props you have placed. Of course, simple decorations require no invitations.
The /inviteToStory command will invite others to your story, allowing them to attack Combat NPCs and access certain props. You can invite individuals, or you can invite your entire guild (but not other guilds).
The invite hierarchy is shown below. Each option takes precedence over the one below it:
/inviteToStory [player name, "self" or "guild"]
/inviteToStory with a player target locked
/inviteToStory with cursor hovering over player, but nothing target locked
Useful command: "/inviteToStory self" invites you to your own story. You will not be able to attack NPCs unless you invite yourself and accept.
[Image: qNdRQQG.jpg]
Now we could go through all the options and types of tokens you are able to buy and the different effects they do,but that would take all the fun out of it!
So take a good look at whats on offer and play about and most importantly have fun!
We look forward to seeing what amazing stories you come up with!!