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Game Hotfix 4.3.6 - Chavex - 10-21-2019

[Image: jw7yuCM.png]

Greeting Prophecy! The Vengeance server will be going down at 7pm PDT / 10 pm EDT / 9pm CDT for Game Hotfix 4.3.6. Estimate downtime is 30 minutes.

Bug Fixes:
-Hidden Dagger duty missions should now all be working.
-Killing Spree bug for Commandos and pets should now be fixed.
-Update to numerous shared pet buffs.
-Fixed rock collections which could not be targeted.
-Snow is no longer in Wayfar.

Anniversary Bonus:
The one year anniversary bonus for tokens, XP and GCW has *ended* (Seriously, for realz this time). The default values are now:
-4 Tokens per Heroic run.
-2 Tokens per Mustafar run.
-Default harvester rate is now 2.5
-Duty token bonus is x4.
-GCW/GCW2 bonus is x2.
-RLS drop chance is back to normal (x1).
Please be sure to exit your client and patch it through the launcher before you head back into game!