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Staff Homeshow Voting Thread - Chavex - 06-29-2020

Greetings Prophecy, here is the voting poll for the Staff Homeshow this month.  We only had 2 entries this month for the inaugural staff homeshow, but still gives you a chance to vote on who you think is best.

First up is Adork with her Kashyyyk Treehouse "Dorky Designs"

[Image: OnQZbBb.jpg]
[Image: kb1pwEb.jpg]

[Image: JfQN47C.jpg]

[Image: Pi8Zx4G.jpg]

And our other entry is Kratos and his Guild-Hall
[Image: EucMsHa.jpg]

[Image: XnfEI6B.jpg]

[Image: s0evJ9D.jpg]

[Image: HRrDUjJ.jpg]

Cast your votes via the Poll at the top of this thread for your favorite!