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SWG Prophecy Beast Wars - Reyna - 07-15-2020

 [Image: 8NoplLN.png]
Greetings Prophecy!!

The Time Has Come to Answer the Age Old Question: Who Has The Meanest, Toughest, Biggest Pet in the Galaxy?  

The question will be answered July 18, 2020 at 3pm EST, 8pm BST at Vengeance Outpost Arena

Put your pet against another 1vs1 and only use pet abilities/pet heals (No outside heals/help from the player or players. Only buffs allowed are medic buffs and officer buffs/tactical stims to maximize participation).  We will keep going until there is only one winner standing!

Prizes: Winner will receive 10mill and  5 Nightsister TCG Packs and Runner up will receive 5mill and 3 Nightsister TCG Packs

You MUST sign up here in order to be placed on the participation list.
Please list your character's name and the type of pet you would like to use. Once your pet is chosen there will be NO switching at the event once you get to your battle. Your opponents will be selected at random by the Events Team.  

We look forward to seeing you out there to find out who is the “Best of the Beasts”

SWG Prophecy Events Team

RE: SWG Prophecy Beast Wars - Iogoom - 07-15-2020

In with my Tanray please.

RE: SWG Prophecy Beast Wars - SideshowBob - 07-17-2020


RE: SWG Prophecy Beast Wars - cazwright - 07-18-2020