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Patch Notes 4.4.9 - Reedux - 08-30-2020

Greetings Prophecy! 
Vengeance server will be going down today for Game Hotfix 4.4.9.

A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the launcher and update!
Server bonuses have not been changed at this time due to a late change last time.
All items marked with (Fixer 8) can be taken to the fixer 8 droid
in Vengeance Outpost to be fixed
Patch Notes
- You can now toggle the bespin lights and combine them correctly (Fixer 8)
- Slave 1 ITV has had no trade removed (Fixer 8)
- Slave 1 ITV can now teleport a player directly to thier resisdence via a radial option.
- Witches Of Dathomir Rubinaa prologue herbs can now be pulled by players.
- Singing Mountain Clan herbs can now be handed in.
- Quest "Hearts And Minds" should no longer get stuck and advance correctly.
- Galliyas Intuition Crystal is now 6% damage.
- Fixed Homing beacon loosing its setting after you have landed once.
- Homing beacon can now be used by all players on that account.
Characters must use the radial menu option to bind the homing beacon to your player.
- Fix to Vengeance outpost chassis dealer renaming ship deeds.
- Sword in the Avatar Platform now drops from the wookies.
- Aniversary badge box now grants year 1 and 2 badges, you'll have to buy it again though.
- Krayt Dragon Pets now spawn correctly.
- Adding some more paintings to the Vengeance vendors.
- Armored tauntaun statue now shows correctly.
- Lightbending pod racer now displays correctly in the garage.