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Galactic Homeshow (September) - Chavex - 09-13-2020

[Image: jqj7oqJ.png]

Greetings Prophecy!  Its that time again, The Galactic Homeshow for September is OPEN!!

Show off your skills with Interior Decorating.  Now is your chance to enter your decorated structure and have the opportunity to win some cool prizes.

This month's Homeshow will be open until 26 September.  Judges will take a look at all entries the following week and announce the winners at the next AMA (Which is also on the same day lol).

Finalists and Winners will receive a one of a kind painting of their home to display.

Just post the /waypoint to your structure below to be entered.

Best of Luck to you all!

RE: Galactic Homeshow (September) - Recon - 09-13-2020

Sparrow-Hawk's Nest will be entered. Located at -1603, 5003. In the city of Volusia, Dantooine.

RE: Galactic Homeshow (September) - TheImmortalOne - 09-13-2020

I'll be entering my home as well, located on Dantooine at -107, 7, 2531.

RE: Galactic Homeshow (September) - KDOG - 09-17-2020

Naboo Lake Retreat -5836 124

RE: Galactic Homeshow (September) - Moraine - 09-25-2020

Please accept the entry of Tasha's Digs on Dantooine in the city of Volusia wp -1435 5163.