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Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes - Chavex - 05-04-2021

[Image: fURvSqH.png]

Greetings Prophecy!
Vengeance Server will go offline today for Game Update 4.6
*A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the Launcher and Update your Game Client*

New Content:
Secrets of the Syren (Courtesy of Blood and the SWG: Expanded team)

-Secrets of the Syren is an epic multiplayer quest line added to the game in 2005 prior to the New Game Enhancements (NGE) and sadly
was removed from the game with the release of the Battle of Restuss

-Blood and the SWG: Expanded team have brought the quest back to life and graciously allowed us to implement it here on Prophecy. 
Many thanks the Blood for allowing us to use the content, and to Mana for doing thousands of conversions on our code to implement it!

-Secrets of the Syren was designed for high-level combat characters. It is also recommended for players to have high-level space combat capacities. The quest line is faction restricted: you can start the quests as Rebel, Imperial or neutral but then, at some point in the game, you will have to choose between the Empire or the Rebellion.

-To Start the questline, Speak to one of these NPC's:
Rebels: Veega Madish (/way -5203 -2572) Corellia, Tyrena Cantina
Neutral: Tyla Jinn (/way -5181 4258) Naboo, Theed Cantina
Imperial: Jevan Monsul (/way -1399 -3675) Tatooine, Bestine Cantina

A wiki article is setup for those who would like it here:  https://swgprophecy.fandom.com/wiki/Secrets_of_the_Syren

-The Final Rewards for completion are SWG: Prophecy specific, so even if you have done this on another server, it should still yield you some pretty cool rewards!

-If you do run into any bugs please report them to a member of the QA team so we can address them as soon as they show.

-IMPORTANT NOTE:  AFK farming in the Secrets of the Syren locations is NOT allowed (that may change later down the road as more people complete the questline), but in order to keep things running smoothly for others, we are keeping those areas off limits for AFK farming. CSR's will be monitoring these bunkers/areas more frequently to ensure compliance.  If you run into players who are violating this rule please reach out to a staff member for resolution. 

Quality of Life Updates/Bug Fixes:
-There are now Trail Guides at the bottom of the Ryatt Trail in the event you fall through the trail and they will teleport you to the top of the trail.
-Removed sprint stim from junk dealer 
-Midlithe Crystals are No Trade Shared
-Fixed Exar Kun Caretaker executioner mechanic (You have to kill the executioners otherwise the instance will reset after the 3rd prisoner dies)
-Fixed Naboo tier 7 rebel/imperial duty missions
-Removed junk dealer kit (Blue/Orange Rug, Naboo Sculpture, Glass Table Top, etc) limitations (You can have more than one at a time now)
-Added missing holiday foods to vengeance outpost vendors and removed timers from foods
-Adding Missing Stims from the GCW bases 
-Fixed Naar root, and adjusted the Witches of Dathomir stims No Trade Shared vice No Trade
-Theed Cantina Imperial forces have been removed until Empire day

Vote Reward Vendor
-We thank you for continuing to vote for us on TopG, and we know we've been slacking with Vote Rewards, but fear not, we have restocked the Vendor with 4 new items for your continued hard work!
*New Items*
-SWG: Prophecy Rug
-Aurilian Obelisk
-C-3P0 Bobblehead
-Stormtrooper Bobblehead

*Note: The Obelisk can be purchased 4 times and can be placed in cities!
*Note: The Aurilian Crystal decoration can now have multiples in player cities!

May the Fourth be With You!
-We do have some special surprises in store this week as well, we don't want to give too much away, but those players who are in tune with the "force" should pay special attention and look for anomalies, and those players who don't put much faith in hokey religions should keep their comlinks close at hand for any incoming transmissions 

Here is a little bit more information from our Discord Announcement:
The Staff of SWG: Prophecy would like to commemorate and celebrate “May the 4th” with a two-day special event. On concluding each day of the event, those community members participating in the event will be granted a special badge and title. Also, Iconic representatives of the Empire and Rebellion have decided to make their presence known... These representatives request an audience with you (Events will be held on May 4th and 5th at 3:00pm EST & 8:00pm EST - locations TBA). Thank you for playing on SWG: Prophecy, and May the Fourth be with you.

Server Bonuses
As a special Thank You and to celebrate May the 4th, we've adjusted the following Server Bonuses:
5X Harvester Extraction
4X Restuss Comms
2X RLS Drop Rate
4X Duty Tokens
10X XP Bonus
4X Battlefield Tokens
4X Chronicles XP
3X GCW Points
6X GCW Tokens
2x Mustafar Tokens

RE: Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes - Erotica - 05-04-2021

Nice big thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team! and to Mana and QA Team/Staff who tested it.

RE: Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes - RonV - 05-05-2021

Awesome update, Thank you Blood and SWG Expanded Team for this content. Looking forward to doing this content Smile

RE: Game Update 4.6 Patch Notes - Nitro - 05-05-2021

Thanks SWG Expanded. Looking forward to more future content from you guys.