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Mustafar Scavenger Hunt - adorkdarkfly - 05-09-2021

Greetings Prophecy!  It's time again for a Scavenger Hunt!  Today's hunt is all about Mustafar.
How does one do the scavenger hunt?  Well its simple.  You will find 6 Lava Crystals at various locations on Mustafar.  All you have to do is find them and send the waypoints to Adork on Discord when you have all 6 of them. 

[Image: fBMlcxQ.png]

Once you have the waypoints, send a DM to me via Discord.  
I will be standing by to give you your rewards. 

The first 3 people to find all of them will receive the following:

1st Place: 5 TCG packs of your choice 
2nd Place: 3 TCG packs of your choice 
3rd Place: 1 TCG pack of your choice 

We can tell you that the Lava Crystals will not be "in the middle of nowhere" (meaning just randomly placed on the planet).  Traders and entertainers are encouraged to bring appropriate attire/items or a friend to deal with any aggressive natives that they may encounter.

Best of Luck to you all!!