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Patch 4.6.5 - demonmana - 06-26-2021

Greetings Prophecy!
Vengeance Server will go offline today for Game Update 4.6.5
*A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the Launcher and Update your Game Client*

Event: Empire Day/Remembrance Day will be enabled for the next few weeks:
~Badges have been updated.
~A New gift will be available as well as buyable from the vendors.
~2020 Badge Boxes are available.

~New badge Icons from Blood and SWG expanded.

General Changes:
~Altered the veteran reward tokens to become available every 30 days but at 60 at a time.
~Cleaned up the Mandalorian Armor Appearance (Courtesy of Blood and SWG Expanded)
~Artisan Stats added to Jedi Helper Monkey.
~A new Command under your Misc. Tab to go on leave.
~Master Tamers Necklace no longer biolinked, moved to no trade shared, (May Require a visit to Fixer).
~Added GCW2 Token Vendors to the Lucky Despot in Mos Eisley.
~Added ORH appearance to the gen 5 sabers.
~Added a few appearances to the gen 5 polearm sabers.
~More Giant Dune Kimo's are spawning around Kimo Town on Lok.
~Added a new spawn of Woolander Harrowers to the east of Yavin 4 at 7491 -515.
~Meditation now has a selection box.
~Factional Storage Decoration pieces can now be renamed, (May Require a visit to Fixer.).

~Removed lv 40 Rebels from the Talus GCW Base
~Modify Weapon now works correctly with Melee weapons.
~Fix the landing at Research Outpost on Endor.
~Fix for Bounty Hunter Check Misfiring its cooldown.
~Fix for the GCW Buff math.

Restuss Comms X3
Battlefield Token X3
GCW Points X3
GCW Token Bonus X3

RE: Patch 4.6.5 - Keye - 06-26-2021

~Factional Storage Decoration pieces can now be renamed, (May Require a visit to Fixer.). Thank You!

RE: Patch 4.6.5 - Moraine - 06-26-2021

~A new Command under your Misc. Tab to go on leave.  YES!  Thank you!

RE: Patch 4.6.5 - Erotica - 06-26-2021

Suggestion for the Go on leave Icon use the Half Rebel/Half Imp icon that already exists ingame for it.