SWG: Prophecy's development team follows a very specific roadmap when it comes to new or enhanced content. The roadmap is updated from time to time as game updates are completed.

Interested in becoming a developer and helping the team? Please take a look at this thread. The development team is actively looking for skilled volunteers who want to help the project grow.

Game Update 1: Space Galactic Civil War

Description: Restoration of SOE's GCW2

  • Space battle restoration.
  • Vendor and rewards.
  • Faction capital ships

Game Update 2: Trading Card Game

Description: Restoration of SOE's TCG

  • Full implementation of the original TCG.
  • Claimable loot cards

Game Update 3: Beast Master Overhaul

Description: Restoration of SOE's GU16, GU17, GU19 Beasts. New and enhanced content.

  • Restored beasts from SOE live.
  • New beast master five-piece heroic jewelry sets.
  • New beast master inspiration buff options.
  • Revamped beast master expertise.

Game Update 4: Witches of Dathomir

Description: Restoration of SOE's WoD Prologue and Theme Park

  • Quest, NPC, and badge restoration.
  • Nightsister and Singing Mountain Clan Rewards

Game Update 5: Atmospheric Flight

Description: Restoration of a Similar System to SOE's Atmospheric Flight

  • Ability to launch your ship into a planet's atmosphere.
  • Ability to invite and kick people from your ship.

Game Update 6: Heroics Revamp

Description: Hardmode Heroics, a New Heroic, and World Bosses

  • Hard mode heroic implementation.
  • Heroic quality of life updates.
  • Heroic loot drop enhancement.
  • Add new items to heroic loot tables.
  • New heroic and token type.
  • Heroic group queue system.
  • Unique world bosses.