SWG: Prophecy Server Rules and Policies

Account Guidelines

1. Account Security
Password protection, virus checks, disabling file sharing, or any alternative methods of protecting your account is the responsibility of you, the account owner.

2. Compromised Account Support
Stolen and/or compromised accounts that are reported to or discovered by SWG: Prophecy Staff, may be suspended. In addition, any account connected to the stolen and/or compromised account in question, may also be suspended. This is in order to conduct an official and thorough investigation of all accounts in question. If characters on the account are deleted maliciously by a third party as a result of the account in question being stolen and/or compromised, a member of the CSR Team may conduct character restorations per an Account Support Services ticket.

3. Compromised Account Discipline
Any player found to be involved in an account theft, may have any and all of his or her accounts terminated. SWG: Prophecy Staff will conduct a thorough review of the accounts and determine the best possible, and appropriate, course of action prior to taking any action against the accounts that are reported as stolen and/or compromised. Accounts will only face disciplinary action based on information as a result of a SWG: Prophecy Staff investigation and not as a result of external allegations.

4. Account Honesty
You may not give false testimony or intentionally hide any information when registering for an account with SWG: Prophecy. This includes an invalid email address or other fictitious contact information. If needed, players may update their account information at their convenience through the forums. Failure to provide accurate information may result in deactivation of player accounts until such a time when accurate information is submitted. This can also be done by contacting [email protected]

Character Name Guidelines

1. Character Name Policy

Character and Guild names in SWG: Prophecy should reflect the genre of the game. Original names with science fiction and fantasy themes are highly desired. The naming policy encompasses first and last names and abbreviations. The types of names that include the following are inappropriate:

-Derogatory, profane, offensive, rude, obscene, and anatomical words, references, and homonyms.
-Different mix of words that results in an offensive outcome when said separately or together..
-Negatively directed at any sexual orientation, gender, sex, disability, nationality, race, occult and religion.
-Containing copyrighted, trademarked, historic, product, services, or concept words.
-Proper words or names that originate from nonfiction, media, pop culture, governments, or the material world.
-References to material world items, any and all narcotics, drug substances, and drug related paraphernalia.
-Proper first and last names from the Star Wars canon.
-The intent or effect of harming the reputation or the impersonation of a player or representative of the SWG: Prophecy Staff or any of their partners or affiliates.
-The combination in which the first or last name would violate a previous rule, policy or guideline.
-Misspellings and alternative wording of the word or words.

2. Character Name Discipline
Per name violations, characters with any types of names listed above can be changed immediately, with or without notice. The characters in question will lose access to all structures and the items within, vendors, and any items on vendors or bazaars. There will be no reimbursements made for any items, structures, ingame currency, or any other game related object, directly related to the character name being changed due to a violation of this policy.

First offense of this policy will be an automatic rename from the CSR’s and follow on offenses will be disciplinary actions which may include infractions or possible account suspension.

Server Guidelines

The following guidelines are the basic rules of conduct that govern player interaction and activity and are strictly forbidden within any SWG: Prophecy platform. Failure to act responsibly and comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action, which may include account termination and refusal of service.

1. Reporting other players or suspicious activity
If any member of SWG: Prophecy has noted any suspicious activity from another player or staff member, or noticed any of these rules being violated, they may submit evidence to a member of the Admin Team or Internal Affairs Department. Screenshots, video or other evidence must be submitted to confirm the claim. If you see something, say something and provide evidence.

2. Harassment
Creating an unpleasant or hostile situation - especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal conduct - that repeatedly targets a specific player or group. Harassment is a broad category, and refers to the intent of the message, not simply the literal understanding of the words used.

3. Obscene and Vulgar Communications
Verbal or written (images, videos, text) communication that disparages or discriminates against any race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, nation, disability or creed. This includes - but is not limited to - the use of masked language, the use of alternate spellings, or symbols of obscene or vulgar words and phrases.

4. Staff Attacks
SWG: Prophecy is a nonprofit project that was created for the community. Every staff member that is involved in SWG: Prophecy contributes their personal time and effort towards the project and receives no financial compensation in return. Because of this, it is important to emphasize that any personal attacks, harassment, or otherwise unwanted attention of any kind towards a SWG: Prophecy staff member will not be tolerated.

5. Impersonation of Staff
Impersonating any SWG: Prophecy staff member - past or present. This includes - but is not limited to - impersonation of staff for the purposes of parody, jest, fraud, intimidation, or to mislead other players.

6. Violation of Local/State/Federal/International Law
Any action that is in violation of local, state, federal, or international law. Any criminal activity on the server will result in the loss of access to all services provided by SWG: Prophecy.

6a. Transfer of Real Life Currency for In-game Items/Accounts/Credits
The exchange of in-game credits for physical currency is forbidden on any SWG: Prophecy server. This is a zero tolerance policy. Any person found buying or selling credits/items/accounts will result in the immediate termination of all SWG: Prophecy services.
6b. Cross Server Exchanges of In-game Items/Credits
The exchange of in-game items or credits in exchange for in-game items or credits on another Star Wars Galaxies server is forbidden and any person found buying/selling items or credits between multiple servers will result in the immediate termination of all SWG: Prophecy services.

7. Third Party Programs
The use of third party programs with the intent to gain an unfair advantage over other players. A “third party program” is any software that is designed or developed by an entity not officially affiliated with or approved by SWG: Prophecy. Third Party Programs are defined as anything that could be used in a negative way by a player to potentially cause an unfair advantage, including but not limited to third party macro software, various screen sharing programs, etc.

8. Staff Directions
Any directions given by the SWG: Prophecy staff must be followed as soon as reasonably possible. Refusal to obey these directions, may result in additional in-game actions taken to enforce the directions.
No SWG: Prophecy staff member will direct you to reveal any personal information aside from your SWG: Prophecy registered email, account name, or Discord name. This information is required to access all SWG: Prophecy services.

9. Player Associations and Groups
Any group (including player associations) that promotes or espouses hatred or discrimination against any race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, nation, or creed will not be tolerated.

10. Interference with SWG: Prophecy Services
Any attempt to interfere with, hack, or intercept/decrypt data from any SWG: Prophecy services. Any such attempt will result in the immediate termination of all SWG: Prophecy services.

11. Exploiting/Cheating
Manipulating a bug or flaw in the game in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes - but is not limited to - wall glitching, credit exploits, and duplicating items. If you encounter any exploits, please report them directly to SWG: Prophecy staff. Furthermore, communicating the existence and/or method of exploiting is strictly forbidden, unless that communication is with a member of staff.

12. Fraud
Acts and intentions of fraud. Fraud is the wrongful deception of a player, intended to result in financial or personal gain. Any attempt to deceit a player through fraud will result in infractions to the account. Examples of fraud include but are not limited to: False advertising by listing incorrect items in an attempt to deceive, attempting to offer an incorrect amount in a trade with intention to deceive the other player, Quality of items incorrectly advertised, etc.

13. Griefing
Griefing is the act of chronically causing consternation to other members of an online community, or more specifically, intentionally disrupting the immersion of another player in their gameplay using aspects of the game in unintended ways.

13a. Mob Training
You may not intentionally circumvent the player-versus-player combat features and cause another player to die, such as by “training” them. Training is defined as pulling/leading a hostile NPC or creature along behind you, and attempting to get it to attack another player, who does not desire said engagement. The intentional training of NPCs or creatures will result in immediate disciplinary action when witnessed by a CSR, or if sufficient evidence is available. We are aware that accidents often happen causing unintentional trains, and will scrutinize each report of this activity, closely.
13b. Area Disruption
Disrupting the normal playability of the game world. Area Disruption is defined as any activity - intentional or unintentional - which inconveniences or impedes game progress for players. Some examples of this include, but are not limited to: blocking a doorway or narrow passage so players are unable to proceed; making excessive use of spatial chat to a degree that normal conversation cannot continue; placing objects that prevent access to game content; using graphically intensive weapons or abilities with the intent to disrupt a server or player function and stability; repeatedly calling destroyed vehicles; disrupting player or staff run events; monopolizing spawns, repeatedly farming keys in Death Watch Bunker to prohibit players progressing throughout the rest of the area, and pet pulling in quest areas to pull distant mobs (exceeding the normal weapon range) to the player or through walls.

*Note: See Server Guidelines Section 1 with regards on how to report potential griefing.

14. AFK (Away From Keyboard) Policy
The act of being Away From Keyboard (AFK) at SWG: Prophecy is allowed as long as these general guidelines are followed:

1. Players who are AFK in a questing area (an area where a quest requires you to kill the NPC's that you are potentially AFKing) must run an auto invite or auto join macro (The sole exception to this rule is inside the Deathwatch Bunker (DWB)). This allows other players access to your group in the event they are on a quest that requires those specific mobs that you are AFKing. An Audible alert must also be running in spatial chat to let players know who is running the invite macro (To avoid spamming spatial chat please set your alert in chat between 1 and 3 minutes between barks).
2. Players who are AFK inside buildings/caves/certain instanced areas must limit themselves to one area per account. For example, the Death Watch Bunker, the AFK player may pick a side room to AFK those spawns, but cannot set up in a room which would inhibit others from progressing (by farming the DWB keys and farming any quest rooms/locations). Remember the one room rule.
3. Players who are AFK at exterior areas (POI’s, static spawns, questing locations etc) must not monopolize an area The act of pulling all spawns to you while AFK that are in weapons/pet range is considered monopolizing that spawn. Monopolizing an area means you cannot pull more than half of the available mobs (which will still allow other ATK players to access them)
4. Your macros that you run while AFK are your responsibility. Improper setup of your group or macros can easily cause you to exceed the above mentioned guidelines.While we understand that sometimes it does happen, that does not excuse you in those situations. Pet pulling, pulling mobs through walls, or other attempts to gain access to additional mobs while AFK (inadvertent or not) is not permitted.

Should any player be suspected or found to be in violation of this policy, they will be removed from the area by a CSR or Staff Member with further possible action or infractions inflicted upon their SWG: Prophecy Account.

15. Multiple Characters Policy
Abusing the use of multiple characters, not limited to a single account, in combat to receive benefits whether points or monetary is not allowed. This includes, but is not restricted to, farming characters for GCW points, using multiple characters to enter Battlefields, and Restuss Commendations.
PVP Zones: The use of Multiple Characters in a bot train in PVP Zones is not permitted. This includes Restuss, Battlefields and Static Bases. This does not apply to characters in POB’s in space.
Non PVP Zones (to include City Invasions): The use of Multiple Characters in a bot train is limited to 3 characters if the players are declared as “Special Forces”.
*Note: Players that are flagged as “Combatant” or “On Leave” or not in a factional status may use a bot train with up to 5 characters.
Activities such as farming Heroic Encounters or Mustafar instances are not included in this policy. Discovery of such activities are infractionable and can lead to multi-account approval revocation, account suspension or termination.

16. Roleplay Trolling
Disguising griefing or trolling as “roleplaying” or “testing” does not grant license to violate these or any rules. Though Star Wars Galaxies is a roleplaying game set in the Star Wars universe, claiming the use of “roleplaying” or “testing” will not be accepted in defense of any of the policies above. Roleplaying is encouraged, just not at the expense at another player.

17. Sharing Personal Player Information
Any communication in game that makes a reference to or blatantly shows personal information of any player is strictly forbidden. This does not apply to sharing your own personal information, though it is not recommended to do so.

18. Advertising Other Servers
Advertising other Star Wars Galaxies servers is not allowed under any circumstances. This is simply because it is disrespectful to the SWG: Prophecy staff and the project itself. This includes both open and private promotions.

19. Abuse of Support Services
Players will not abuse other players, CSR Staff, or the tools provided to request support on any SWG Prophecy platform. The abuse in question will be determined by a CSR or the CSR Admin.

Infraction Guidelines

The following are guidelines which govern the disciplinary actions of violating any of the rules and policies of SWG: Prophecy. This list is just an example of how infractions are placed, it is not all encompassing, and it can change with or without notice based on severity.

Multiple Account Abuse-
Unauthorized Multiple Accounts will be banned and the originating account will receive one infraction point for each account created.

Account Sharing-
Shared accounts will be banned and the originating account will receive one infraction point for each shared account.

Violation of Naming Policy-
First Offense is a warning and automatic name change, Second Offense will result in one infraction point and name change, and any additional offenses will result in 3 infraction points and automatic name change.

Harassment, Drama or Discrimination in Game-
First Offense is a warning, Second Offense will result in 3 infraction points, and any additional offense will be 5 infraction points.

AFK Policy Violations-
First Offense is a warning, second offense will result in the player being sent to the Sarlacc Pit, and any additional offenses will result in 1 infraction point and the Sarlacc Pit.

Infraction Severity
The following list is how the infraction system is used for action against players who are in violation of server policies.

3 Points = 24 hour suspension
5 Points = 72 hour suspension
7 Points = 5 day suspension
10 Points = 7 day suspension
12 Points = 10 day suspension
15 Points = 15 day suspension
18 Points = 20 day suspension
20 Points = 1 month suspension
23 Points = 2 month suspension
25 Points or greater = Permanent Ban

Ban and Suspension Appeal
If a player has the unfortunate circumstance of being banned or suspended from SWG: Prophecy platforms and/or servers, he or she may submit a ban appeal either directly to a staff member via Discord, preferably a Project Admin, or send an email addressed to [email protected] Please include all relevant information in your appeal. SWG: Prophecy Project Admins will address the appeal with the SWG: Prophecy Staff to acquire insight and feedback. The ultimate decision therein lies with the Project Admins and Internal Affairs.
If the ban appeal in question is accepted and the player is allowed back onto the SWG: Prophecy platforms and servers in question, per any limitations, he or she is not allowed any sort of leeway if further violations of SWG: Prophecy server rules, policies, or guidelines are committed. In other words, if your appeal is granted, and another infraction occurs, the account will be suspended or banned and no appeal will be granted.
Members who have previously been suspended or banned will not be allowed to apply for staff or fill community roles in the future.

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