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NitroAttention New Players
Greetings and welcome to SWG Prophecy to the new players joining the server. Regarding GCW here if you are looking for a Faction base guild, here are some options. 

Rebel guilds, contact Chavex for Phnx guild, or Decria for -ES- (more directed for pvp), Not sure who is guild leader of Lions is but another rebel base guild. 

Neutral guilds (has both rebel/imp), Contact Strafe of the guild Mando. or Adork which is the guild leader of -NH- . Jay is the Guild leader of a Roleplay base Mandalorians guild called -The Mandalorians-

Imperial - Contact Nitro for the guild TEF (Pvp focused guild) Tyll'a of the guild DIG (RP focused guild), Dajax of guild -SFK- . 

Any questions contact us on discord (discord being best way of contact).

Happy hunting and hope to see you all out in the battlefield.

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Attention New Players - by Nitro - 12-28-2019, 12:22 AM

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