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adorkdarkflyPatch notes Game Update 4.7 - 3rd Anniversary
[Image: mmNsGuc.png]

Game Update 4.7
Prophecy 3 Year Anniversary

There is a client patch required, be sure to patch through the launcher.

Greetings Prophecy!  Thank you for celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary with us!  We can't thank you enough for the time and effort you all have dedicated to Prophecy and we want to thank you all for sticking with us.  With that being said, its time to celebrate!  We've got some great things in store for you during the next month.  New items, server bonus's each week, and perhaps a few tricks up our sleeve. Patch notes are as follows:
  • Heroic Pre-quests now grant combat experience
  • Slight increase to double time speed
  • Treasury Withdraw limit increased to 1000000
  • Increased the vet vendor storage increase to 10 per account
  • Fixed the Meditation buff choice box from spamming
  • Serving droid now will patrol
  • Any weapon smith can now craft bowcasters
  • Bowcasters have had their species restriction removed
  •  Fix for the Entertainer elemental buff package - Thanks to Source documentation.
  • Entertainer Token system - Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team
    When performing in notable public cantina's Entertainers have a chance to receive a token that can be spent at a vendor in the Lucky Despot for special goods.

  • Wampa now has a chance to drop a FD1 Heavy Weapon. Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team
  • A280C Blaster rifle has been added to the Regular Heroic Token vendor.  Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team
  • Eweb and A280 blaster rifle can now be purchased from Hoth vendors. Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team
  • Fixed extra token from space battles
  • Fixed String for the Beast Master 5 Pieces
  • Fix for people getting stuck in the White Thranta Bunker. Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team
  • Added new Hologram (The senate guard) to the Anniversary vendor. Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team
  • Added anniversary paintings to Anniversary vendor
  • Added 2021 Box for the 3rd year badge on the Anniversary vendor
  • Added Kuns Blood and Kenobi's Legacy crystals to the unobtainable vendor
  • Moved Gallia's Intuition and B'narr's Sacrifice to Legendary RLS Chests and fixed Dawn of Dagobah and Horn's  Future in the boxes.
  • Moved several Vendors from Vengeance to Mos Eisley
          Anniversary Vendor - just outside the Spaceport.
          Fixer - to the side of the Cantina
          Mustafar Vendor - near the Trophy Collection
          DNA vendors - by the BM trainer
          Heroic vendor - to the side of the Spaceport
          Unobtainable vendor - in front of the Theater
          Publish vendor - in front of Theater
          Vote vendor - in the Bazaar
          TCG Vendors - Cantina
          Holiday vendors - Spaceport
  • Anniversary server bonuses will be:
          Harvesters x5 & GCW x3 for all 4 weeks
          Week 1: Restuss Comms x4
          Week 2: Musty tokens x2
          Week 3: Heroic Tokens/Hoth tokens x8
          Week 4: All

Happy Anniversary Prophecy!

May the Force be with you!
-SWG Prophecy Staff
If you are after a list of each exact waypoint of the npcs that moved with pictures you can find them on the prophecy wiki @ https://swgprophecy.fandom.com/wiki/Unique_Vendors All new items can be found at https://swgprophecy.fandom.com/wiki/New_Items not all are added yet but will be on-going.

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