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Couple ideas in an attempt to make meatlumps more bearable. 

Add a reward of 1-2 random meatlump collectible item for completing each of the bombs/food/safes/lockboxes/maps/weapons collections. Possibly not adding a collectible reward to the completion of the lockbox and safe collections, since those are the two the collectibles come from. This would be a little better incentive for people to try and complete it as the bomb/food/map/weapon collections are only there for lumps and players are forced to do them as part of the muddle the meatlumps and have to be completed just to be able to restart it again.

Or allow player to pay to not have to do the bomb/food/map/weapon collections and just do the safe and lockbox. 

Allow purchasing of the basic items (bomb defuser, lock breaker, etc) that can only be restocked when we run out of them. Currently the only option is to run back to Coronet and talk to the npc when we run out, which if we are in the middle of a meatlump outpost and find we ran out of one of those particular items (that we CANNOT get more of until we run out), can be annoying, vs the other items we can purchase as many as we want provided we have the lumps for them. Maybe another possibility would be to make the required and extra tools into one item, maybe purchasable at a slightly higher lump rate. (combing like items together like safe slicer and safe autodialer into one item)

Addition of a meatlump muddling bag, similar to box of achievements, to hold all the muddling the meatlump tools. Currently with the required and optional extra tools, that is 12 inventory slots used up.

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