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EroticaTEF (PvP Imperial) Guild Recruiting Active Players
[Image: D7Bot6s.jpg]
(Guild Brief Info/History)

Former guild history ~ Radiant TEF - Eclipse DAWN - Gorath DAWN - Chilastra  RPD - Legends RPD/TEF - VoH TEF/RPD -
  • We are a heavily focused PvP guild that strives and focuses on teamwork, we are a guild that consists of mostly veterans from live who have 7-13 Years of experience, some of us have played since SWG was in beta. we do run other content such as heroics, Mustafar, collections/slayers, Space, and even have guild fight nights where everyone gets around and duels or some switch to rebel alts and we PVP each other for shits. we are a laid-back guild we have a sense of humor and love to troll each other and help each other. we have been going strong now since Reborn>Legends>VoH>Now prophecy.
  • You will find that we are also currently the oldest guild on the server. our sister guild RPD houses our crafters and ents and rebel alts.
  • We have two cities currently and the very first city on here which is behind the imperial base in Restuss. we also have a city on Naboo (Heart of Darkness)
  • if you are interested in some of our PvP footage you can find them below or visit my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvuL3Ll...8Zw/videos
  • We also have 1 Twitch channel we stream from. https://www.twitch.tv/eroticaswg

Guild Requirements (A must)
  • 1:Have/Install Ventrilo (Mic Not required) must Install it on the spot this is the voice program we use do not waste our time.
  • 2:Must be willing to learn from mistakes and take criticism. we are a very experienced guild and some of us have 12+ years under our belt.
  • 3:Use Discord as we have a guild discord for PVE/PVP Callouts.
  • 4:Follow commands and be prepared.
  • 5: Play a support role (Meaning not Jedi for Group PvP, PVE is another story.)
  • 6:Must be willing to PvP when the callout is out. this means dropping what you are doing and buff up/come to PvP if online.
  • 7:Must be able to take a joke we like to mess around.
  • 8:Must be self-sufficient we are not into lazy players who can not help there self. but we do help others
  • 9:Must be active inactivity=boot usually this means if your mia do not expect to be in the guild long.
  • 10:Must PvP this is our main focus in TEF (Formerly RPD of Chilastra) but we do run heroics/other content and have a couple who space etc.
  • 11:Willing to help others if needed.
  • 12:Willing to run group content.
  • 13:Setting up the proper assist keybind/macro for PvP. no looping assist does not count or work in PVP.
  • 14:Expect to be hated by the rebels in PvP or just for having the TEF tag cause well..we are TEF.
  • Upon joining you will be on a 4-week max trial period to see how you fit and how active you are. can be shorter if we see someones who's always active they will likely become a full member sooner.
Guild Q/A
  • What timezone is the guild based around?: EST you will regularly on weekdays find us running stuff such as heroics or both around 8:00-9:30 PM EST takes us around 1 hour and 20 minutes to run all 5 heroics.
  • What timezone is organized PvP? usually, Friday Saturday, and Sundays around 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST depends on when the rebels form.
  • How often do you guys run heroics? we regularly run it if the guild needs it otherwise we usually run it to keep busy.
  • Do you guys run battlefields or World PvP? our main is World however we do sometimes do Battlefields.
  • Do you guys run GCW2? Yes, quite often we run it for alts as not every time can you get GCW on alts.
  • Do you guys run other content such as Mustafar or Undead rancor runs? Actually yes you will find often someone in TEF who may form a group for this ahead of time be it for helping someone or just for the tokens.
  • Why do I need Ventrilo? Well this is our form of voice communication this is what the guild has used on live and is the exact same server from live, it has stayed with us and will.
  • Why are you so strict on support roles in PvP? Well because when we do group PvP Jedi can not play at the fullest and require you to be in melee and you will find that a majority of the time like 98% of it will be all ranged classes such as smuggler, officers, Commandos, BountyHunters, Spys. so you will likely get demolished real fast and be dead weight, this is why we insist on having a support role and learning it.
  • Why the strict rules to being active? Because in the past 4 years we have had people join stay a week then poof to another server or go inactive onto other games, we have had people join and just straight not play. we are active we are trying to build up the server not disappear and let it hurt, we strive to also improve ourselves in-game. When we say we want active members who fit this, we want members who can help build this server up into something bigger.
  • How would  I go about helping build up the server with you guys? one major way is by putting a character in Eisley even AFK buff bot or stim bot or just a character AFK to show there are players instead of dozens hiding in houses. Another way is every day voting at https://topg.org/swg-private-servers/server-499204 this helps majorly. another method and the best is spreading the word to friends and forums or Reddit or even Facebook and so on it helps a lot.
  • Do you guys craft at all? Haha yeah, I would say a good chunk of goods you find on vendor search is from players within TEF, this is because we have been here 4 years some of us play 8-12 hours a day, some of us strive to keep goods on the vendors for newer players.
  • Do you guys have any guides or is there a place where guides are often posted? Yep Erotica has a new player guide @ https://swgprophecy.com/showthread.php?tid=705 you can find most of the server's info on there or at the wiki @ https://swgprophecy.fandom.com/wiki/SWG:_Prophecy_Wiki you can also ask any questions in prophecy discord a lot are super helpful here.

Guild Leadership

Guild Master/Messiah: Nitro
Guild Co-GM/Boss Lady: Erotica

Guild Officers

Guild Raid Leaders (PVE Leaders)

If interested in joining contact @nitro on discord  @ Nitro#8237
Guild Inactivity Timers
30 days=Guild Boot

PvP footage from Prophecy from TEF View.


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