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adorkdarkflyPatch Notes - Patch 4.8 - Galactic Moon Festival
[Image: xBD11sp.jpg]
Greetings Prophecy!
A client patch is required, please update via the launcher.

Galactic Moon Festival has been enabled.
Updated GMF for 2021 - New Badge and New Familiar on vendor 
(Moenia Vendor /way 4792 -4730 and Mos Eisley Vendor /way 3540 -4824)

Removed No-Trade from Light Bending Pod Racer

Added the Meditation Graphic to the tick

More tokens can be withdrawn from the Token Box

Mounts are now usable in the Quarantine Zone (not vehicles)

Extended QZ Inoculation buff to 2 hours

Increased spawns on Spiderclan Obfuscatrixes 

Fixed the Tusken King Starport typo

Snowtrooper Armor can now be shown on Ithorians and Wookiees 
Thanks to Blood and the SWG Expanded Team

Reduced Officer Stim Drops to 5 minutes

General rank E11 and DL44 can now be deconstructed

Invasion General now flags for Special Forces

FD-1 is no longer Bio-linked, previous ones can go to fixer for repair
Server Bonuses - RLS
[Image: MgWVMnW.png]

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