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NitroNew Player Giveaway and Event.
                                          [Image: rQiWT1F.png]
Welcome Prophecy player if you are new to the server Myself & @Erotica are hosting a new player giveaway that will take place on March 13th. entries will end on Friday the 11th @ 11:00 PM EST.

The giveaway will take place on the 13th @ 5:00 PM EST/2:00 PM PST/4:00 PM CST/3:00 PM MST.

We have discovered some intel..that some Force Sensitives..are preparing to make a strike against the area to overwhelm and take captive any users within the area! please be buffed and prepared to fight for you're life!. Location will be revealed on the 13th of March.

(GiveAway Rules)
One Entry per Account/IP. (This will be checked)
You may only win one item (Items left over will be rerolled and the entries reset so you could win a second item if we do not get enough entries)
All of Staff is excluded from this event.
Only Members who have registered from December 1st, 2021 and to the current date are eligible.

( List of items in the giveaway )
(15) Heroic 5 piece sets ( You're choice ).
(1) Set of 4700 Imperial Restuss Comms for a full suit of armor.
(1) Set of Buff Crystals (Lair Crystal, Shard of retail, Both Focus Crystals).
(1) Entertainer 5 Piece Buff Set.
(1) Deed for HK-47 Jetpack (TCG).
(1) Deed for Sith Speeder (TCG).
(1) Deed for A Barn (TCG).
(1) Lava Crystal (Untunned).
(1) Mandalorian Armor Helmet Schematic.
(1) Set of Mandalorian armor Liquids with an alum mineral.
(1) Schematic for an Imperial ISD Pack.

@Erotica is also handing out new player starter kits if you have joined since Jan 1st, 2022 and are needing a bag to get you started be it from you are coming from another project or returning since live you can find the link @ https://swgprophecy.com/showthread.php?tid=1136
Husband of Erotica <3
[Image: 14NurVs.gif]
To enter the giveaway please reply with the below form.

Quote:1: Discord Name/Handle in SWGTonguerophecy Discord.
2: Ingame Name.

Quote:(Example of an entry reply)

1: Nitro#8237
2: Nitro

Goodluck to all!
Discord Raksasha_de_lune / Rhybo
SWG account name Rhybo
Main character Naina
1:  kwakawne#8910
2:  rylar
(02-14-2022, 04:50 AM)rylar Wrote: 1:  kwakawne#8910
2:  rylar
Sadly i only have this open to Only Members who have registered from December 1st, 2021 
1. Reddawg99#2865
2. Aashara Ormega

Thanks! Hope you get a nice turnout!
Discord: AaardHannahDune#7375
SWG account name: Hannah-Dune
Main character: Helena Dune

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