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adorkdarkfly2022 Ewok Festival of Death
[Image: mwWuewU.jpg]

-Your Datapad begins to Chime-
(You reach for it from your satchel and open the holo-message.)

-Hologram of a chubby Rodian appears-

Rodian: "Salutations to whomever receives this transmission. My name is Dr. Raso Droskyzii, I am an Archeologist from the Corellian Bureau of Ancient Preservations."

Dr. Droskyzii: "I am sending this open transmission, in dire desperation for anyone to hear my plea... In the Bureau, I specialize in the Dark force/ Sith artifacts.. My most prized possession is a Sith holocron I labeled "Four dash Five"... That's besides the point..."

Dr. Droskyzii: "The intent of this transmission is a expression of my civic concern... Let me get to the point, which you must be eagerly waiting to hear by now.. I was on an expedition to the mysterious temples of Yavin 4, in result I was hearing escapades of "tombs thieves" in search of treasures, specifically /cough jewelry.."

(You start growing impatient, and mutter "get to the damn point.")

Dr. Droskyzii: "Anyways upon my arrival on Yavin 4 to embark on this expedition, I saw hooded black-cloaked figures board a transport, accompanied by... Ewoks of Endor?!?!? I know the galaxy is celebrating their Festival of Love... but that's an ODD match I must say.. What's even more odd, the Ewoks seem to be in a feral temperament. I even saw a few of them illuminate in this green aura..."

Droskyzii: "If you're listening to this transmission can you please investigate the forest moon of Endor for me.. I don't wanna come off as a worrying "Keren"... But I don't have the combative fortitude to investigate this worry-some conundrum.. I suggest eventually investigating the villages of the little scare bears.. Thank you for your ears... And may the force be with you!"

"Droskyzii out."

(Please join us on February 26th, at 4pm EST for the 2nd installment of the Ewok Festival of Death. Participants will receive special commemorations of the event, location will be announced.)
[Image: MgWVMnW.png]

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