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adorkdarkflyCOMMUNITY ADDRESS The State of the Server
Greetings Prophecy,

We wanted to take a moment and talk to you about the status of Prophecy and the future of our project.  We know things have been a bit "stale" at the moment.  Things haven't been at the level we have wanted to give you for awhile now, and for that we're sorry.  We've had the pleasure of having this server run for close to 5 years (if you include Vision of Hope). We have decided that it is time for this chapter of Prophecy to come to a close.

Now now, its not that terrible.  We've had a great run.  For example: We've had a total of:

Corpses = 5,077,579
Guilds = 590
Total Objects = 31,537,143
Total Players = 12,916
Total Placed Structures - 793,600
Total Resources = 249,066
Total Space Ships = 18,278
Total Waypoints = 134,582
Total Player Weapons - 684,306

You're probably asking "Why?" or "When is this gonna happen?", which we totally understand. Why is pretty simple. 

1. We've had a lot of staff that has had a change in their IRL status, which has burned out the remaining staff. That's not anyone's fault but our own, so you can point your fingers at us. 

2. Our code is different than all the other NGE servers, which has made implementing new changes tedious to say the least, which has also led to frustrations and disagreements down the line getting those changes put in.  

As far as the "When", we plan on closing the doors on August 13th 2022 at midnight EST.  We want to tell you early enough so you can login and get your pictures of your houses and ships, find your favorite spot in game to reminisce, or to just play the game again and enjoy things.  We don't want this to be a last minute thing and just turn everything off in the middle of the night with no notice.  

Now will we be doing some special things in the last few weeks?  Of course we will.  There will be random events coming and going, with bonuses pretty much maxxed until the end and we'll have a few surprises lined up so people can get things in game they may not have had the opportunity to get either on Live or here.  We know this message isn't the one a lot of you wanted to hear, but don't be too upset, as this may not be our final chapter, the Prophecy is still not fulfilled........
[Image: MgWVMnW.png]

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