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EroticaCommunity and where some of us went
As you've heard recently the server is shutting down and while it hurts to see it go i thought i'd post this incase some are looking for a new home that do not wish to play on legends.

You can find a few guilds slowly moving or have moved over to SWG: Beyond. it has some decent things and content over there and the community is actually pretty helpful.

You can find staff constantly running events and Friday nights are when the whole server comes out to duke it out in restuss and get rewards after. you can find world boss events and Hardmode tusken 16man is usually running every sat.

they have decent QOL's.

thought i'd post in case anyone looking for a home as a good 30-40 from the community from both sides are over there.  

The trader community is pretty wide open there at the moment as well it could use more Weaponsmiths Armorsmiths Tailors and Structures/Shipwrights. also has daily missions to make credits.

If staff wants to delete this post by all means i get it. just thought i'd post so people know where quite a bit have moved to and are over there relaxing and enjoying the game on a stable server . that has a decent staff like prophecy has.

For the ones that dont come or quit. farewell friends it has been 5 years and we've lasted longer then 98% SWG servers out there,

Also wanna thank Mana and adork and chavex for keeping it going and previous staff such as Ios and Zara and eagle and aesrain and drakkun for staying with the server as long as they could and zombienerd for keeping the save when it was needed.

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